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every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man

November 21, 2008

So….being as I’ve got some big writers block about anything real going on in my life right now I thought that I would introduce you to some of my favorite things. One of those things are clothes. I love clothes. And shoes. But right now it’s all about the clothes.  As you may (or not, who knows) I definitely fall on the butch end of the identity spectrum and prefer to buy all of my clothes from the mens dept. Except for bras. They are an unfortunate necessity.

My daily work attire is fairly similar from day to day. Slacks, shirt, tie, and sweater/sweater vest.  I LOVE sweater vests and ties. I love ties the most though, and I’m always looking for new ones that are awesome.  And so, tonight I present to you “tie rack, #1.

I will admit to having some favorites – I love the black/silver paisley one, and I got married in the pink paisley one and I really like the old English letter-type one and A has an identical one and sometimes it’s fun to match and…and…and…yeah. I  love ties.

I love ties so much that I know at least half a dozen different knots though I most prefer the full Windsor knot (really, it isn’t called a double Windsor no matter what anyone else says.)  While I’m pretty particular about most things I’m especially so with ties, and how I dress.  Generally speaking, I don’t feel….complete these days without one, which is funny mostly because many guys I know really hate them and feel restricted by them.  I’m really really lucky to work at a place where I can wear what makes me most comfortable – and every now and again it’s nice to hear things like, “you know, sometimes I hate it that you look better in a tie than I do,” from the boys that I work with.  And that they ask me for fashion advice.

So yeah. Call this installment one of the things I love…..TBC…..


Protected: Protected: and if I seem a little strange, well that’s because i am

November 9, 2008

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attacked by stupid

September 28, 2008

This post is being dictated by J (and typed by S) because J is on some rather strong pain killers.

For whatever reason, there are times when smart, grown people make dumbass choices – all under the guise of having fun.  Such was the case on Friday when I called, “race you!” across the parking lot to one of my co-workers.

So, we raced.

In work shoes, on wet pavement, in a rain storm.

Going full speed, my shoes started to slip and I felt myself falling forward.  The only thing that went through my mind was, that I needed to treat this as though I was sliding into home plate – minus the base, the ball and the game itself.  Also, lacking grass or somewhat forgiving Georgia, red clay.

The photo above if one my four injuries.  That is the elbow.  The knee has a similar-looking formation.  My shoulder has an injured rotator cuff and a fractured humerus.

The fourth injury, of course, is my pride.

I lost the race.

So, now I am at home on some ok drugs, trying to find a comfortable position in which to rest in a sling, and thinking about this weekend’s question:  what is the dumbest, self-inflicted injury you have sustained.


something for me

September 4, 2008

When I was 4 my parents built a “country” house about 2 hours north of NYC in the Catskill Mountains in a TEEEENY tiny town called Fleischmanns – so tiny that the population in 2000 was 351, and it was likely less that in the early eighties. It was very Sicily, Alaska, if you know what I’m sayin – my parents were friends with the Mayor who was a real estate agent on the side, and the “fire cheif” (read, town’s only fireman) lived “next door” (1/4 mile up the road) from us.

There was a general store, and a breakfast place, and a bar, and that’s about it. The biggest attractions were 15 miles down the road in Margaretville where there was an A&P and a diner. But I digress. Two miles from our house in Fleischmann’s was the Belleayre Ski Mountain. I hear it’s grown up a LOT in the past 25 years, but it was a really tiny family ski place when we lived/went there – 2 or three lifts, about 10 runs in total, and everyone knew everyone. It’s where I fell in love with downhill skiing. My brother and I would do the weekly “lollypop” races (we even got our pictures in the local paper once) and every weekend day we knew we were having roast beef sandwiches served with Juicy Juice (the ONLY time we were allowed a boxed/canned beverage) that my mom had packed in the morning and left in an unlocked locker for the morning.

It’s where the coolest guy I’d ever met, Biff, taught us how to make pizza pies, and turn using peanut butter and jelly as a mantra for which legs to use to do certain things and along the way also taught us parallel turning, jumps, mini moguls – mostly I just wanted to BE him, I think.

Anyway, as the economy tanked in the late eighties my parents sold the house in favor of the motor home (see memory of that, here) but we still enjoyed ski weekends, except now we drove to the locations for a week – Whiteface, Gore, Vermont locations, etc. In high school I’d go for day trips with a few friends a couple times but I guess as I left home for college and was on my own there really has never been a ton of extra money for skiing which is a REALLY expensive sport. I mean there’s almost no way to ski on a budget even if you do buy equipment at the right time AND ski weekdays and off season.

But the truth of the matter is, I live a stones throw from some seriously kick ass skiing. And I love it. And I’ve been threatening to buy new skis (cuz they’re like, all weird and shaped now and mine are 15 year old racers) for the 5 years I’ve lived here. And I had an incredibly good month. And I need to start doing the things I love to do without having “what if I….” lingering in my head. So these brand new Ski’s, boots, and poles are MINE. The local shop was having their clearance sale last weekend, and there’s no better time to buy ski stuff than August. Really.

I got all this gear for more than 1/2 off the last sale price of last season. And the best cool part about the boots is they plug in to little rechargable battery packs that heat your feet while you ski!! Technology has come a long freaking way since I last owned ski equipment!

So, long story short, I’m doing more things to enjoy my life without being so focused on baby stuff. I’ll enjoy my skiing and if something magically crazy happens, well, then I’ll just have one more thing to share with a kid should they come along. Cuz really, these ski’s need to last at least 10 years. And if I don’t go at least 5x this winter S may kill me.

Who’s coming with??


fo realz

September 1, 2008

J: You know what?

S: What?

J: Outside of world peace, and all the people we love to be happy and healthy and a baby, do you know what I want more than anything in the world?

S: What’s that, pea?

J: For cigarettes to not be bad for you.

S: True that.

J: I’m serious. Like, they don’t even need to be good for you, just not bad. Neutral.

S: Yep. I get it.

There’s my admission. I love cigarettes. A lot. I love to smoke. It’s disgusting, I know. It’s bad for you, I know. It makes you smell bad, and costs money, and makes your throat hurt, and did I mention is bad for you – all of this I know.

But I love them.

However, even if we’re not doing the kid thing seriously right now, they’re not good for us. And I want to be around with the people I love for a long time. So…once again…no more smoking.

I hate this.


Waterfire weekend

August 18, 2008

Ok, well not a whole weekend. But on Saturday evening S, A, and I journeyed two hours south to the beautiful little city of Providence, RI, for the annual Waterfire event, where numerous bonfires are placed along the Providence river and lit for all to enjoy. There was music and street food and drinking in public and a really good time.

I hadn’t visited Providence since the mid/late Nineties and honestly, the city was sort of a shithole at that point in time. It has seriously undergone some huge turn around because it was clean and well lit and beautiful.  I could see myself living in a small city like that – somewhat bigger than Portland, with a “real” mall, and lots of college students to keep things interesting.  It was fun because A had worked at one of those colleges not too long ago and it was interesting when she bumped into people (like campus safety officers) who still called her out by name – and it was nice to have a knowledgeable guide to the town.

Can I mention again how much I loved the mall? No, we didn’t spend a tremendous amount of time there, just money. Have I ever mentioned how Nordstrom is perhaps the only retail store that S REALLLLY loves shopping at? I mean, she loves shopping but she REALLLLY loves Nordstrom and their “personal shoppers,” who make perfectly sized garments appear if by magic in the dressing rooms.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have my fun too – I dropped some change at Dave and Busters, one of my favorite places.  Both of the other members of my entourage quickly realized that taking me somewhere real to gamble is probably not a good idea – my favorite thing is dropping the coins into the games that push other coins over the ledge….I could sit there forever blowing money away like that.  It was awesome – well, except for the one moment when I realized that my brother, sister, and I went to a DnB the night my dad died – I hadn’t remembered it until I was actually there, about to get some coinage off my power card.

After playtime we headed back up the hill to wander some more, eat some food, and um, then S decided that she was going to get pierced below the neck (I’m not going to say where, but I’ll say she only got one of them done though she was born with two) and though she’d talked about it a few times recently it was still the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever seen her do. Yay S. Way to let loose. I can’t always be the crazy one and it’s nice to have you join me for the ride.

Everything after that was anti-climatic and it was getting on in the day – so we headed home and it was LOVELY driving North – as (you New Englanders will know this well) traffic was backed up from the Hampton tolls all the way through Portsmouth and into Maine. NUTS! I’m glad we were going the other way.

It was nice to get out of town for a little bit, relax, enjoy a newish city, and a really beautiful event that I wish our town had something like. It was also nice for it to not rain for once in the….month.

And: Confidential to all of you who commented on the last post. I love you all very very much and your support is so much appreciated. To answer the questions? Morrissey, yes (but more The Smiths,) 3 pairs of Doc’s, and Queen.



Protected: Protected: how beautiful and modern*

August 14, 2008

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