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16 weeks and all is well

February 11, 2011

I’m still not 100% convinced but it appears that there’s a baby in there. And because I’m crazy and paranoid I got a doppler so we could listen to the baby’s heartbeat. And it’s interesting, at first I thought “great, we can make sure it’s ok every day!” but in the week and a half we’ve had it we’ve only listened 3x, which is kind of surprising to me. And we did hear it at the dr’s yesterday so, I guess that’s 4 but who’s counting?

Also. After all the crap that I/we’ve been through on this journey, my anxiety may be catching up to me. I was kind of…in a really nice way….asked by J to perhaps talk to my therapist about the constant question asking, etc, because um….I think she may be starting to lose her patience with me. And she’s the most patient person I know so that’s saying a lot. So…something to think about.

As for pregnancy, etc, J is battling a sinus thing that won’t go away. Neti pot, humidifier, and trying to keep balanced and healthy meals in her are helping, but I hate watching her feeling so icky all the time.

And…that’s where we are. More soon.