waves from the peanut gallery

January 29, 2010

That was a long hiatus. Maybe I’ve got something to write here……I don’t know. It’s so hard for me to claim this space as mine anymore. But I’m sure you’re getting tired of that same Amanda Palmer video every day and also….someone recently said that this place was like an empty apartment…and they were right.  So….

Things are pretty hard some days. I feel like it’s become kind of a fight to live an honorable life when I feel like I’m being judged from many sides and angles.

That said, things are pretty fucking fantastic most days. I am so incredibly happy for the most part. I’m working on merging households and hearts and lives with an incredible love.  I’m trying to do this, I think we’re both trying to do this, without a terrific amount of support but…we’re grown ups…and I know that we both know that we want this more than anything. And the support we do have has been beyond what we could expect, especially from the majority of our families.  Plans and dates and events and things are falling into place. And she’s claimed a spot on my body for ink that proves it to me every time I look in the mirror.

I have the worlds cutest dog laying on my feet (and snoring) keeping my toes warm. Yes, she jumps and may eat the love’s cat but…it’ll come together in time.

And slowly, like somewhat crystallized honey that’s been on the shelf for a while, some of the people I’ve loved and had to let go are finding me again. And well. That feels pretty amazing.


  1. What an amazing post. I felt it rather than read it. I miss you. I am happy for you.

  2. 🙂 no words…just 🙂

    PS ~ yay for dogs who sleep on your feet and keep your toes warm!

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