if it be your will

September 27, 2009

Welcome to my first foray into not so sober blog writing.

My lizard Mali died today. I’m really sad. He wasn’t really a play with lizard but he was fun to watch and he would eat dandelion greens out of my hand which was maybe the cutest thing ever.

I called S to help me out. She’s promised for years that she would take care of dead animals. And she lived with Mali for 6 years. And she really wanted to visit him before he died (i’d had some inklings that he wasn’t doing well) but didn’t make it so. yeah. I’m really sad actually. He made it not so lonely.

And then I went out and many scotches later I’m home. and sad. and somewhat alone.

DSCN0928I”ll miss you.


  1. Im so sorry. Hope Mali is munching on some leaves with my iguana Pookie.

  2. So sorry.

  3. I’m really sorry to hear that Mali is gone and I can only imagine how hard it is.. I’m glad S showed up to help deal and that you had some good support from a strong drink.
    I am thinking of you today.

  4. huge hugs.

  5. i’m sorry you are sad, friend.


  6. So sorry to hear about Mali. What a suck way to start a new year.

  7. I’m really really sorry.

  8. I am sorry J. Love to you.

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