welcome to my life tattoo, i’m a man now thanks to you

August 24, 2009

I love tattoos. I’ve posted photos here and on flickr of some of the ink that I have, but I did get some ink about 6 months ago that I haven’t talked about. I’m a believer of letting the idea of a tattoo settle – meaning if I want something specific, I think about it for about 4-6 months, sometimes longer – I don’t usually get tattoos on a whim. That said, every one of my tattoos is a marker for me. It marks time, people, places, memories – each one is thought out and created by me and my tattoo artist and attention to detail is critical for me.

That said – sometimes you just need to do something to make a change. When S and I separated, I got a tattoo. I guess deep down I knew that things were not going to go as planned, or maybe I was just preparing myself for a battle – I don’t know.

And at some point – actually it was on that last trip skiing that we took – we were watching a show about tattoos on the history channel or something – and I saw a segment on American military tattoos. And I learned that American seamen (haha) would get (usually cartoon-like) pigs tattooed on their left foot, and or roosters tattooed on their right – this is because when old merchant ships would sink, the crates containing roosters/chickens and pigs would make it to dry land. This explains some of the wild chicken and boar populations across the world, but for the sailors it meant they would survive. And at that time I really needed a reminder that I was going to get through whatever it was that was thrown my way.

I did a little more research and quickly knew that I wanted to get a rooster. I like that they are a masculine creature. They are a universal symbol of the rising sun. The rooster has been used as a symbol of pride, honesty, courage, vigilance, strength, watchfulness and flamboyance. I especially like the flamboyance part.

I did some image searching and came up with the tattoo below (I know it’s not the best photo but it’s actually kind of hard to get that shot by yourself) called a local shop that I knew I could just walk in and get it done and well….did it. The whole thought process was about a 3 day period. And I love it. When I look at it now it reminds me how far I’ve come, and how much I can handle.

Plus….I get to say that I have a cock on my foot.


  1. LOL about the side note at the bottom.
    Great tattoo.

  2. What a cool tattoo. I love the story behind it and the symbolism of it.

  3. I really really love that tattoo, and the story behind it even more.

  4. LOVE it!

  5. ha ha ha ha ha!!! love it!

  6. What a unique rooster. Love it! I totally agree about mulling over tat ideas. For me it tends to be years.

  7. LOVE learning the stories behinf tattoos. i am gearing up for my end-of-nursing-school-journey ink. i have loved having the one i got on my first day of school.

    and LMAO @ having a cock on your foot!

  8. Heh. You’ve got a cock on your foot.
    As well as a really nice tattoo.

  9. Love it! I am a rooster sign and love what it stands for.

  10. Love it, that’s fantastic!

  11. I love it.

  12. I LOVE IT!! It rocks and you are right, you have come through so much and continue to persevere!!

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