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i know all of this and more

August 21, 2009


Yep, I went away for two whole days and spent them entirely in “nature.” Well……after our arrival at The Forks, ME (which, I’ll have you know is absolutely NOTHING like Forks Washington unless we really weren’t looking hard enough for vampires) we took a really nice little hike into the woods and went to Moxie Falls – Which is amongst the highest waterfalls in New England. It was beautiful and breathtaking and loud and quiet at the same time. It was amazing.

And she knew me well enough to know that the kind of nature exposure we were up for needed to be tempered by luxury accommodations – or at least the nicest one in the area. And then we spent the next day whitewater rafting on the Kennebec river. It was SO freaking awesome – I can’t even describe it. Exhilarating and fun and a little scary – though once I realized that nothing really bad would happen if I did fall in – I was much calmer about everything. And it was so incredibly fun – I can’t wait to do it again, but next year I’d like to go on the day when the electric company that uses that river for power tests it’s generators and releases the dam to high flow – That has got to be one incredible ride!

Coming home was kind of sad – I mean, for a two day vacation, it felt much longer and that was great because it was much needed. But I really enjoyed spending uninterrupted time, totally disconnected – no computers, no cell phones, no nothing, with someone who I’m really really lucky to get to hang around with.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to think this hurricane business may mess up my Fenway plans. Eh – I wouldn’t mind spending some time in a rainstorm, either.