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i forget what 8 is for

June 30, 2009

I’m recognizing that this blog is kind of no frills looking. I love my header photo, mostly because I took it, and I remember it being a really happy day for me. I’m sure that the happiness had something to do with others, but I’m ok with that – I’m really working on the happiness I can bring myself.

Which brings me to today. Emotionally, it was a really hard day. But I pushed through it. And I’m going to sleep too late but, I hope it is restful slumber.

A recap:

Hours worked: 10
Miles run: 4
Watermelon eaten: 1/4
Shirts Ironed: 12 – I don’t think I can explain how much I hate/am bad at ironing, but I saved myself over $30 in dry cleaning fees. Visual proof. And. Yes. I am so anal retentive about my closet it’s not even funny. Slacks on the right. Next Jeans. Shirts. Ties, separated into two racks by color/shade. SO gay. So gay.

Cigarettes smoked: 0

And I probably am speaking too soon but I’d bet dollars to donuts that tomorrow is going to be CD1.

CD1. Holy fucking fuck. Really? What the fuck am I doing? I refuse to over think this I refuse to over think this I refuse to over think this.