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i drank 16 doubles for the price of one

June 29, 2009

Well, not quite that many, I’m maybe the worlds biggest drinking lightweight. I did however indulge a few times this weekend – first at the local “Bier Garden,” which I LOVE because they have a HUGE deck outside, lots of beer choices, and great food. It’s also tucked behind the busiest street in the Old Port and so it feels like you’re in a totally different place, surrounded by tall buildings but….quiet and in your own space. This is what joy looks like at NR.
That would be banh mi (on very few menus even at Vietnamese restaurants around here, but perhaps my favorite sandwich,) served with some chips, a gorgozola cheese plate w/ Marcona almonds with a balsamic glaze. Beverage = Brooklyn lager. MMMM. And, the company was delightful as well. Even better than the drinks and eats.

The next night found me at E and J’s house with a bunch of friends and my sister enjoying the following food/drink plate –
If you’ll recall-that’s my new favorite beer served with baguette w/ Taleggio and strawberries and balsamic. So freaking good I can’t even tell you. I think that if I could survive (and be healthy) eating only bread, cheeses, and fruits – I would totally do it.

This weekend also found me watching a movie about paraplegic wannabes (I so get to choose next time,) sharing two other lovely meals with great company, and going to see, “my sister’s keeper.”

I also found a little bit of time to do this…..(totally sober, promise:)) and prove to my sister that theres not a chance that she will ever beat my car…and please do not besiege with tips on auto safety and speed limits. There is no point in having a sports car if you can’t do this every so often – and it was on a mostly empty highway, so. yeah. I’m a little sensitive about this because of the whole it’s illegal and probably somewhat unsafe thing and I’m probably over-thinking it all but…damn is it fun to drive fast and I wish we had autobahn rules in the US. Just sayin’.


A non emotional/emotive/emo post from me. Don’t get all excited, I’m sure I’ll pump one out later in the week. For now? I’m enjoying things. I fit into my all time favorite pair of jeans that I’ve been moving around with me for 7 years. I’m going to a baseball game this week. I’ve got a great event to go to later in the week, and because July 4 is a Saturday? Two. Day. Weekend. Bliss.


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June 29, 2009

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