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sun’s goin’ down and its the end of the day

June 8, 2009

This weekend was a really nice respite from the shit-storm that has become my daily existence. Much needed. It started out on Friday evening, after work. My friend Z and I went to Portland’s “First Friday Art Walk,” which is actually one of my most favorite monthly holidays. Even better was that it was the first really nice weathered art walk since, well, last fall, so yay for being outside.

We watched our friend J do some performance art, queering up a scene from the movie “Hook,” which involved a lot of frosting, which was…just fun and a way to make all the crap go away for a little bit. Onwards to a few other galleries, ran into S, which was…hard, because I’m stumbling so bad at her right now and it’s pretty hard to keep myself from saying something stupid and weak and dumb to her. But we moved on, and talked, and then went to dinner with J, where I had a sip of her beer. AND LOVED IT. Will get back to that, later.

Saturday was filled with work, of course, but I did manage to leave early, pick up some friends, and head to Boston for a birthday party where half of the attendees were Portland people who I love and the other half were Boston people who I like a whole heck of a lot and am getting to know better. There was relaxing and joy and fire and s’mores and stories and laughing so hard I cried at times and couldn’t quite catch my breath it was so so so good. This is after the smore was eaten. Marshmallows are messy.

The next morning was all about getting up, getting hydrated, and getting some food with good grease content into our tummies. This week has seen me totally fall off the wagon, but I’m going to climb back up again tomorrow. One week off won’t kill me and I mostly enjoyed myself immensely. Anyway, ate, dressed, left early to get back to Portland for the yearly “Old Port Festival.” Went down relatively late with a friend, walked around, watched Dar Williams perform, and then did my favorite thing which is going to the touchy barnyard to look at the goats! These two little guys were play fighting the whole time, and it was maybe the most adorable thing ever.

Then, we met up with K, and went out to dinner at one of my favorite local institutions and I had my first real opportunity to order my new favorite beer ever. It’s a Belgian beer called “Duchesse de bour-gogne” and it is delicious. I can only describe the taste as….gunmetal and blood. It’s sweet-ish, and dark, and delicious and as I generally HATE beer, well, this is a welcome change and I’m glad I found one to enjoy. First wine, then beer – who knows what else I’m going to figure out I actually like!

Ended today with a couple hours learning how to “turf cut” at EQME. If you weren’t aware, we have this marriage thing going on in the state and well, I hate going door to door and making phone calls and this allows me to be very helpful and behind the scenes – basically plotting the “turf” for canvassers so they know which houses they should go to. It’s actually really anal retentive and ocd and totally right up my alley. Love.

Now….I was going to watch some of the Tony’s but…turns out I’m kind of exhausted. And even though so many things are unsettled in my heart and mind….I think I’m going to go to sleep smiling.