a perfect weekend

April 27, 2009

Even though I have to work on Saturdays, it didn’t really matter this weekend. That is because it was belated birthday weekend for me! I have amazing friends, J and A. They are my peeps. They are, without a doubt, outside of my sister and other blood relatives, my two closest people. I care most about them. If I was told that I had to only pick 5 people who I could talk to for the rest of my life they would both make the grade.

I’ve known them both for over a decade. They’re almost 20 years older than me, and often times they are the clearest voices of reason in my life. Their advice is almost always dead on accurate, and I value them so so so much. So much that I doubt they’ll ever know how important they really are to me.

This weekend they came up for a belated birthday weekend. My big present was a meal at Arrows, perhaps one of the best restaurants in Maine, and much of New England as well. Admittedly there is some pomp in the service – special butter menu, and water menu – but when it comes to the food, and service – it was one of the most enjoyable meals ever. Because they gave me a menu of that nights dinner I am able to 100% accurately review the place – even though when I called….I think she needs a name on the blog. I’m going to go with…R. When I called R afterwards I was pretty much just so satiated that I could just babble over the experience. But you guys will get the full review. So –

We were greeted with champagne at the door and after we were seated we decided to share the “Blini and Bling”appetizer. This was a beautiful plate of 5 blini – one plain, one wild sturgeon caviar, fin and haddie with crispy shallots, the fish was poached in cream and so good, smoked trout with maple and horseradish jam, and deep fried Maine shrimp with aioli. Also on the plate was a large piece of smoked salmon topped with creme fraiche. I can’t even tell you how awesome this was.

Continuing the awesomeness was a “salad” that A and I shared. Basically, it was a large plate covered with thinly sliced prosciutto, on top of which was a fried potato “bowl,” under which was a greens salad topped with a poached quail egg. Another awesome presentation.

And while both of my companions had the yellowfin tuna dish, I opted for the most non-kosher item on the menu. Lacquered pork belly with hoisin, cucumbers and scallions, Roasted tenderloin of pork with white yam puree (it had miso in it and was delicious,) sesame oil and gingered baby bok choi, and Pork shumai with mushroom soy and radish salad.

Pig. Good. Delicious. I have never met a pork belly I didn’t like, and this was cooked Peking Duck style. It was delicious, as was the tenderloin which was so buttery and good that it practically melted in my mouth. The only part that was somewhat lackluster (and it was sitll delicious) was the shumai – I was pleased with the presentation, but they didn’t release from the mini steamer they were served in particularly well, and I think could have had some more…for lack of a better word…flavor on them. Still an awesome choice.

Desert was killer as well – Burnt tangerine parfait (it was very very cold and delicious, kind of…hockey puck sized) on top of which was a tuile cookie curve, on top of which was a scoop of meyer lemon sorbet. The whole dish was served atop a “broth” of lemongrass and tart tropical fruits. The combination of sweet and sour and citrus was amazing. It was the kind of desert that didn’t feel SO indulgent that it was guilt inducing but hey – this is the kind of meal you don’t often get the pleasure of having so….enjoying is good.

I LOVE getting dressed up – I mean, I don’t HAVE to wear a shirt and tie to work but I do, everyday. And I love when it is required that you dress up for a meal. So. Much. Fun.

On top of that, today we had BEAUTIFUL weather – perfect baseball weather. We went to the Sea Dogs game, had junky food, watched them lose 16-20 (OMG. So many hits,) followed up with a Beale’s coffee oreo ice cream cone. Mostly this weekend rocked and I had an awesome time just being with two people I love so much.

This week? Work. Gym. Figuring out some logistical travel plans. Gym. Play with friends. Find quiet time for Sister, (and not just to do laundry at her house) and focus on what’s important to me. Figure out what I want the studio to look like. Start making art again. Fuel my mind and soul and body and heart with things that are things that I want, need, and desire.

Right now? Yankees on the big screen. Maybe they could just win one measly game off of Boston. Maybe.


  1. Not a chance. Well, maybe for your birthday…..

    • nope. not our luck last night.

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