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April 23, 2009

I’m going to take a quick break from the up/down ranting about my personal life for a quick second to ponder a very very important question.

What is it about Americans that makes us think it’s ok to interrupt an entire dining room full of people who are (hopefully) enjoying meals, in order to sing an obnoxious birthday song to someone? Why does this not infuriate anyone but me? I mean, really. I’m glad it’s your birthday, I really am. But I freaking hate it when my meal and conversation is interrupted by loud servers singing a dumbass birthday song!

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my morning at the hearings for the gay marriage bill here in Maine. It was inspiring, and awesome – 4000 people showed up AND “we” outnumbered “them” by 3-1. Amazing. Testimony went ALL DAY – almost 12 hours. The “but” here is that turns out it was really really hard for me to listen to OUR stories. The joyful married wedding queer happiness stories were just a little too much for me to handle and I had to get out of there before I became a mess. And yes, making matters slightly worse is that out of an entire civic center S’s selected seat (we got there first) was pretty much directly in front of me. I will say that she looked like shit, and while that doesn’t really make it any better, there’s some sort of….ok maybe it does make it a little better but I looked freaking awesome yesterday, but I’m going to move on now…

So my friend J and I left just short of noon, went across the street to the “big” Augusta shopping center, toured the homo-depot, and the Pier 1, and then noticed there was a Red Robin Restaurant. Now, I’ve NEVER seen a Red Robin on the East Coast, but visited one somewhat frequently when I was spending lots of time in Calgary. And J spent time in Washington and well, both of us got really excited about this lunching option and so we got some (awesome) burgers.

The only downfall was that our meal was interrupted no less than FIVE times with loud, obnoxious birthday chantings that totally interrupted our conversation and train of thought every time. It was annoying as heck. We then started pondering if this was just an obnoxious American thing, or if it was practice in other countries, too. Anyone know anything about this? Are theory is that it’s only an obnoxious American thing. We couldn’t even come close to imagining the French doing something coming close to resembling that kind of public display of awkwardness.

You probably think that I have no sense of birthday joy – but I do! I can just promise you two things – 1)I will NEVER do that to you on your birthday and 2)If you do it to me there won’t be another shared birthday!

One comment

  1. That type of loud server singing is usually reserved for chains like Chili’s and Red Robins, I rarely hear it at “real” places. There, my quota of elitism has been filled for the day.

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