April 22, 2009

It rained a lot today. And it was kind of a rough day for me anyway but it was made somewhat worse when I was re-buying some iPod headphones and upon returning to my car I stepped in the biggest puddle ever. I am not a huge fan of cold rain to begin with (hot rain, different story) but now not only was it raining and cold out but my foot was wet and cold too.

And then I was told “so what. You’re going home. You can change. It’s not worth being upset about.” And you know what? I’m really going to try to not sweat the small stuff anymore.

I have to be up in just a few hours for the marriage equality hearings that are taking place in Augusta. I know that it’s almost ironic that I’m going to this – you know, as mine fell apart not terribly long ago….but, as much as I’m not a joiner, numbers will be good here, and I can try to occupy myself with helping wrangle kids, talking with friends, and playing the “lets avoid my ex” game.


One comment

  1. Rain, Shmain, you saw the IG before I did!

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