mmmmm. it really is spring!!

April 16, 2009

After spending the most wonderful afternoon doing this…

We decided that we couldn’t just let the day end. So we called for grilled deliciousness night. Grilled onions, mushrooms, and squash. AND……wings.

Using the recipe chronicled here for sweet Thai chili sauce my friend J and I grilled a ton of wings and coated them in the lovely sticky sweet spicy sauce and topped with fresh cilantro. SO freaking good that J’s wife E said that if I really wanted to meet someone all I would need to do was take a plate of those wings with me and just wait.


What do you think???

Head nod to a certain vegetarian who knows I’m smiling.


  1. Yummy, except Lo has that cilantro allergy where cilantro makes everything taste like dishwater. But I might try this recipe some time minus the cilantro.

    And kite! How cool!

  2. Looks super yummmyyyy… ummm ummm good… lol!!
    And you got to fly a kite? how fun is that!!

  3. Wings? No. Grilled Veggies and cilantro? Hells yes!

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