Having it my way on a snow day

January 19, 2009

I’m actually really happy that the past two big storms have raced through Maine on Sundays. This is because at work we can 1)move the cars off of the front lot on Saturday pm and it’s dry, and 2)we clean and move them back Monday morning. Now, yes, this is a lot of physical work, and is annoying, but when there is this much snow you spend about 3 hours clearing and moving cars and by the time you are back at your desk it feels like the day has progressed VERY quickly. Yeah, I’m dead by 7 but whatevs, a few short hours is a few short hours.

Last night after having a few laughs at the dinner table with S, A, and some potential new friends A and I crashed out hard while S read into the wee hours. So naturally, A and I woke up early, chatted, and after S got up and coffee was made we decided (as in me and A were going to) go to the market for snow day provisions.

So out into the snow we went, and then we got home (well, I did, anyway, A needed to deal with snow and issues at her house) and I made us all breakfast. Sausage, egg and cheese on fresh biscuits. Mmmm. See, look:

Seriously Delicious.

The day was spent playing in snow (the snow pants I bought two sizes too small FIT today,)  cleaning our cars, watching movies, eating bad food choices, and we had a nice family dinner of one of A’s favorites, chicken parm, which she was somewhat amazed that you could actually make at home (yeah, she had a similar amazement when she found out you could make pie at home too. I’m working on her and even got her a cookbook for Christmas.)

Today was freaking awesome. I wish every day was a snow day!


  1. awww. That sounds like an awesome snow day.
    Cracking up about A & food but glad you are schooling her.
    xoxo MISS YOU

  2. Sweet! You’re making me hungry. I haven’t had chicken parm in forever. Glad you had a wonderful snow day. xoxo

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