strong women

October 15, 2008

About a month ago, a young man  was beaten unconcsious because he ‘looked gay.’ In response, there was a rally two weeks ago, and a community building event on Sunday night.  I am so pleased that 1) my sister planned that community event and 2) that Sair and Ms. D both gave their voices to the public at the event.

To them, and all of the other strong women that I am so blessed to be around – thanks. Even though I’m so not a joiner you guys make me…want to.

As for my strong self, healing continues. I’m back at the gym, forcing myself to hold on to the handles of the eliptical machine and I’m mostly dressing myself. Incredible to not be able to totally care for ones self without help. If only the bruising would die down….


  1. Have you tried Arnica gel or cream for the bruising. It really helps with that.

  2. i second the arnica works wonders

  3. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you’re healing. Sorry we missed you the other day when we were passing through. And I didn’t get your text about S until we were already on our way out of town! 😦 Miss you guys.

  4. Along with my dad, who’s a pretty strong guy, I was raised by three strong women. Here’s to the strong women of the world! Props to S and your sister. 🙂

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