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attacked by stupid

September 28, 2008

This post is being dictated by J (and typed by S) because J is on some rather strong pain killers.

For whatever reason, there are times when smart, grown people make dumbass choices – all under the guise of having fun.  Such was the case on Friday when I called, “race you!” across the parking lot to one of my co-workers.

So, we raced.

In work shoes, on wet pavement, in a rain storm.

Going full speed, my shoes started to slip and I felt myself falling forward.  The only thing that went through my mind was, that I needed to treat this as though I was sliding into home plate – minus the base, the ball and the game itself.  Also, lacking grass or somewhat forgiving Georgia, red clay.

The photo above if one my four injuries.  That is the elbow.  The knee has a similar-looking formation.  My shoulder has an injured rotator cuff and a fractured humerus.

The fourth injury, of course, is my pride.

I lost the race.

So, now I am at home on some ok drugs, trying to find a comfortable position in which to rest in a sling, and thinking about this weekend’s question:  what is the dumbest, self-inflicted injury you have sustained.


i think this means I have good taste

September 22, 2008

Out magazine has just listed it’s “100 Greatest Gayest Albums of all Time.”   This list is fairly awesome and inclusive and I know all but 3 of the Albums/Performers.

Not only do The Smiths show up TWICE in the top ten,  (# 2 and 6) they show up in total 5 times on the list. Which is the same amount of times that Madonna shows up on the list. 5 is the max number entries on the list for any artist.

I think this makes me super uber gay. I’m not so sure that’s a shock to anyone.


Can you tell me how to get….

September 20, 2008

 Yesterday evening after a really awful day for my sister (her apt was broken in to and while nothing major outside of her laptop was stolen, the whole violation thing sucks ass) we took her out to eat. While dinner was pretty lackluster (It was Chil*s, and as much as I hate chains, I had won a gift card to there at a work function and well, I’m down with free,) we had some pretty great conversations.

The bestest one being  about Sesame Street. We were talking about the characters and S mentioned that neither Elmo or Zoe were around when she was watching the show. And I recalled that Elmo didn’t show up till I was around I was around 8 ish – my sister has ALWAYS known Elmo. But Zoe is new to all of us.

After talking about some good Sesame Street stories, we started playing the “If you were a Sesame Street character, who would you be??” game.

I asked for a pen and wrote down which SS character I think I’m most like, and I asked both S and my sister to tell me who they thought I was most like. They both guessed exactly who I wrote down on my napkin.

Ernie. I am SO Ernie. I am the epitome of Ernie. Funnier still, S is very very Bert-like (except not as boring. Really. I swear, she’s not. But she is my foil.)  And A…well, A is Grover (though she doesn’t know we think she’s Grover because she wasn’t there. She’s in St. Thomas. For three weeks. Though it’s for work. And it’s hard. But still, St. Thomas. We just turned the heat on for the first time. I’m a little jealous.)  And my sister? She is Zoe.  And my brother? Sometimes he is Oscar, and sometimes he is Elmo. Mostly he is Elmo.

So, my new “Weekend Question” (It’s a new feature. So new that this is the first one. We’ll see how it goes from here) is: Which Sesame Street muppet are you most like??


and still

September 17, 2008

Three years later it is still the best day of my life.

I love you S, thank you for….everything.


I’m it

September 16, 2008

Dawn over at Weldable Cookies (who, btw, proved in a comment she left on my last post that we are in fact from different generations and not just different ends of the same generation but I wish her luck trying to convince me otherwise) tagged me and, well, I’m game today.

1. Where was I ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was living in Bernal Heights, SF. I had just turned 21. I wasn’t paying for anything I drank. I was having a blast. I met a lot of women. I fell in love for the first time. I was working 3 jobs, going to school full time, and totally falling for California.
2. What was on my To Do list today?

Work. Sell some cars. Eat healthylike. Get myself to the gym. Most of this was accomplished.
3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?

Not work for money. Travel everywhere. Build a community center and give all of my friends jobs in their specialized fields. Send lots of youth to college.
4. Five places I’ve lived:

Teaneck, NJ – Syracuse, NY – San Francisco, CA – Northampton, MA – Portland, ME

5. Bad habits:

(formerly) Smoking. I can sometimes be overbearing. I see things in very black and white ways, it is sometimes hard for me to find the shades of gray in between. I’m sure there’s tons more but that’s what I could think of right now.

I don’t do the tagging thing well, but you know, if you want to play, go for it!


Holy smokes

September 15, 2008

Wow. Seriously a mixed bag on the whole cruise answers guys – but thanks for all of your input. We’ve not yet reached a decision on this, however I will let you know what we come up with when that happens.

It’s been a kind of rainy and wet weekend here in Maine – Last night my sister threw a birthday party for her girlfriend which was very nice but someone brought a dog so we had to stay outside on the deck for the entire time we were there – and what happens on decks? Yeah. My resolve was not so good last night, and I know I haven’t mentioned it but both S and I have done really well NOT smoking for the past two weeks.  I do know that what I did smoke last night made me feel almost instantly icky and headachey and it was not something I wanted to repeat again, so I’m thinking that’s progress.

Also, for a fraction of what it cost me to smoke, I joined the local gym, and got the kind of membership that allows me to bring a guest WHENEVER I go to the gym – which is cool because anyone can come with me – if S or A want to go, or you’re in town and you want to go, we can go.  So far I went on Thursday and Saturday, and did some Wii Fit this morning.  S and I have everything set up so that we can go tomorrow morning as well.

My confession is that the snowpants I bought to go skiing in are about 1 size too small and they are not particularly comfy at the moment. I figure I’ve got 2-3 months to make it happen, and with dedication, I’m sure it won’t be a problem. Plus I want to be in as great shape as I can be for when we start thinking about babies again (yes, I think about them every day, but right now I think that topic is on the backburner) and also, I have about 4 pairs of jeans that I’d like to really be comfy in.  I forget until I’m doing it 6x a week that I really LOVE to work out at a gym, and be terrifically active. Any of you locals are welcome to join me, whenever you’d like:)

I will leave you with the funny story of the weekend. It happened today when we were driving home from the bullseye store and we were listening to the “different by design” radio station and this song came on. It was this husky rocker female voice that I instantly knew was Melissa Etheridge but as I am SO not that kind of gay I didn’t really know what it was.

But S did. And knew all the words. And I was like “know how I know you’re REALLY gay?? And that you’re a Leeeesbian of a certain age? You know all the words to this song! What song is this anyway? I don’t even know it. Wait…wait…is this the hurry up and please get me a glass of water song?”  Yeah. S gave me a dirty look – she was not amused.

And I’ve probably made a couple of you mad, too:)

Have a great week everyone!


problems of the upwardly mobile

September 11, 2008

Question time:

We’d like to go on vacation this year to someplace warm and tropical. Though neither one of us has ever taken a cruise before, we thought this might be a good, somewhat inexpensive way to achieve the “warm and tropical” part, plus see more of the Caribbean than just one island – plus, the only islands we could really afford would be ones with TONS of other people doing the same thing and eating McDonalds somewhere that isn’t where they live. If we go on this cruise, we see some smaller places, etc.

Here’s the kicker. A very famous lesbian travel cruise organizer has a cruse to all the same locations that a very famous European cruiseline is going on. Actually, lesbian cruise organizer is “renting” SAME boat, so really the two cruises are 100% identical, save for the Kate Clinton entertainment, and no offense Kate, but generally I find that your humor appeals to women who are like, 2o years older than me.

So, here’s the real question: Which cruise should we go on? Do we go on lesbian cruise because there’s safety in numbers, and maybe we’ll meet some cool people, or do we go on the straight cruise, maybe meet a couple of homos (which really isn’t a big deal either, we could meet some incredibly cool straight people.) On vacation we tend to stick with each other and do stuff together, away from everybody else anyway so I’m not sure the queer cruise is necessary.

OH. One really important factor before registering your vote –  If we go on the gay cruise it will cost us at least $1600 more than the straight cruise – remember, these are IDENTICAL cruises, a week apart from each other on the SAME boat, to the SAME destinations.

Honestly, I’m leaning towards the straight cruise because I don’t need to pay extra to be gay, you know? But….I want to know your thoughts.

So, what do you think?