no agenda Friday

August 1, 2008

Because the month ended yesterday, I decided to work and instead take today off. This is good because today is S’s last day of summer vacation, and she heads back to work after her July off on Monday.

We quickly labeled today “no agenda Friday,” and even though we wanted to go to the giant water park in New Hampshire, when we woke up and it was cold and cloudy it was ok. We just packed our bathing suits up and hopped in the car and headed south.  When we reached NH it was still gross so, with no real agenda, we went shopping in Portsmouth. This is where S picked up a 1/2 price pair of Fluevog heels that she is in love with, and I bought some gifts for a recently injured friend.

After that it was STILL yucky out so we headed north to Kittery where we spent too much money in the outlet stores and walked around and shopped and talked and had a hot dog and just enjoyed the day. By the time it got really hot and sunny mid afternoon it was too iffy and too late to go back to to NH, so instead we went to York Beach and took a long barefooted walk in the sand. Which was great till S looked down and realized that it was brine shrimp season and all these little teeeny tiny creatures were underfoot. That freaked her out a bit, but mostly she got over it, though she claims she will never swim in the ocean again. A little digging to the root of this fear is that whole baby lobster urban myth/legend (just snopes it if you have no clue.) I teased her about this a little and then moved on with our walk.

We capped off the afternoon by meeting S’s parents for dinner, which is great because they always pay, and then we headed home.

If you were interested, this is what no agenda Friday looks like:

This is the bigger picture:

Today has been perfect – and it’s not over yet!!! Hope you are enjoying the day!!!!


  1. That has GOT to be a New England thing to even have heard of that sick redonk myth.


    Your day, otherwise, sounds fantastic!!!

  2. nice nail polish!

  3. Ooh, that sounds like a perfect day.

  4. wow. can’t every day be “no agenda friday”? SOunds like a wonderful, mellow, easy going, free-meal kind of wonderful!


  5. Oh, the jealousy I have…

    So glad you got to have such a day. It sounds magnificent.

  6. I love, love, love the beach in Maine. No Agenda Friday sounds like a good option for a national holiday.

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