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its the little things

July 31, 2008

Yesterday at work, one of my co-workers asked if I’d walk across the two parking lots that separate us from a multiplex and buy him some movie popcorn. I did so, came back, and he shared. It was so delicious that I stopped myself from eating much of it because I KNEW I wanted it for dinner. I looked up what movies were playing and pretty much nothing struck my fancy. And I didn’t want to pay like, $16 dollars for us to see a movie that I didn’t want to see just to spend another $5 bucks to get movie popcorn.

Earlier in the day I’d asked S to pick up a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – we hadn’t yet owned it, and only saw it once on opening day in the theater, and the new trailer for #6 is out today and well, I wanted to see it again. So I knew it was waiting for me at home. Solution? Bought large bag of movie popcorn on my way home to enjoy in the privacy of my bedroom. Genius point number one.

We both thought the movie popcorn at home experience would be better with some….fresh greens (yes, that was a euphemism,) and well, it was but after we ate the popcorn, we were still hungry and didn’t really have anything else to eat. Lo and behold we get a text message from my sister that say, “open the door.” We do and she shoves a bag of Indian food leftovers (a LOT of leftovers) into S’s hands, says “enjoy,” and leaves. AMAZING.

And then we had freezie pops for desert.

It was an excellent date. Yay for excellent dates.