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can you explain this?

July 27, 2008

It’s no secret that where I live is kind of a vacation hotspot for the rest of the world. And by rest of the world I mean people from the rest of New England and some mid-Atlantic states and French Canadians. Mostly French Canadians though.  Anyway, last night we ventured south to one of the more popular resort towns, actually a town that has a really big reputation for being a queer destination. And while there were many gay people to be found there were also lots of other tourists, mostly French Canadians.

As seaside towns often have, this particular town was not devoid of its tacky beach type stuff stores. We went into one store that had beach clothes, surf shoes,  many skim and boogie boards, most with “typical” California-esque inspired designs. And this:

Uhm….I don’t get it. Any French Canadians out there who get this? I can only assume that there is a target audience or….? I really don’t know.  Maybe it isn’t F/C at all. Maybe it’s just the gayest boogie board design ever? If so, I really don’t want to take credit for it. At all.

Your thoughts?