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geek in the pink

July 9, 2008

Who just spent a bunch of money and even more time finding a brand new pair of the limited number reissue of Andre Agassi’s Nike Air Tech Challenge sneakers? That would be me. And it took a while and was a slight challenge as they only come in men’s sizes and I have small girl feet. But with the internets you can accomplish anything shopping related if you put your mind to it

When I was much younger I played tennis competitively. Agassi and Martina were my heroes. As Martina never had sneakers made in her name, I went with these, and had quite a few pairs (you go through them when you’re practicing for hours a day) and would always wear them out.

I know that money shouldn’t buy you happiness but sometimes a little shopping makes things like hellacious days a bit easier. And also, S has something to tease me about which is good because I’ve been totally all over her spending her recoup time watching “Seaquest DSV” on instant Netflix. Balance in a relationship is a good thing.