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those crazy kids

July 8, 2008

Honestly, S’s telling of how we met is pretty spot on. I became fascinated by her (and to be fair, her boyfriend at the time as well) at that Glitter Party.  She was beautiful…tall, dark haired, with the sparkliest green eyes imaginable.

As for the first time she met my sister, I remember that too – it was at a party at my friends house that she and her boyfriend and some other of his friends were invited to. At this point they were in the process of breaking up, but they had spent the whole day together at a family event for his sister.  They were both being pretty hard on each other and had spent the event…drinking. And then she didn’t eat dinner. And then she came to this party. And um, drank a bit more.  And then got sick over the porch. It was kind of a memorable introduction to my friends, I think, but they soon forgave her though I still tease her about it now.

As for “crazy” rituals…we don’t have any. Just one small daily moment of the promise of our love. It takes place the moment before we’re really ready to go to sleep. I turn to her and ask, “Will you be here in the morning?” And she replies, “yes,” to which I ask, “promise?” And she says, “I promise.” And then we share a night time kiss and she tells me she loves me and I return the sentiment.

Its pretty much the best part of my day.