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July 4, 2008

S’s recovery is going so well that last night she felt good enough to go out to a movie. This is a GREAT thing because A and I have wanted to see “Hancock” since we first heard about it a few months back. In general I LOVE Will Smith movies, especially the big July 4 blockbuster types.

Sadly, despite a pretty good and tight quirky superhero plot, Hancock was one of the most homophobic mainstream movies I’ve seen in YEARS. It was made clear early and often in the movie – from the first 10 minutes to the last scene – that being weak was equated with being queer which was equated with being punk. And the word “homo” was used in a not very nice way about 1/2 a dozen times.

Honestly, I kind of thought that Hollywood didn’t need to go…there…anymore to make a point, and this movie was clearly strong enough to have gotten by without it. It wasn’t necessary at all and….I don’t know. I mean, there are some questionable moments in movies like “Blades of Glory,” or “The 40 year old Virgin” but to me it seemed like those jokes were so gay that while the mainstream audience might laugh for one reason, gay people might laugh for another and recognize that it takes a someone really in touch with the gay community to write a joke that funny. Hancock was just mean.

I’m not going to say you know, don’t go to this movie, like I said, it wasn’t bad – just a little advance warning so you’re not shocked or saddened or surprised during the movie, like we were.

**EDIT** So GLAAD is up on the “homo” part, what they ignore is the large if your a weakling your a sissy and if you’re a sissy your queer and queer is punk. That was my biggest issue.