s update

June 30, 2008

For those interested: S’s surgery went well. It took 3 and a half hours. This is because her uterus was 10x the size of a normal one and they managed to do it all lapriscopically, which is great as her recovery won’t be too awful.

Thanks to those who knew this was going on and who have offered support throughout the whole ordeal, especially my sister, A, and K, who makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.


  1. happy to hear it all went well.
    there is not much a good chocolate chip cookie can’t fix.

  2. So glad it went well. Hugs to you both.

  3. Glad everything went well.

  4. I’m glad it went well!

  5. Sending good thoughts to S for a quick recovery–physically and emotionally.

  6. so glad things went well. Beaming giant vats of love to you both. Wish I could be there to hold your hands.

  7. So glad it went well.

  8. Ain’t nothin’ I can add to all of that. Hugs to all.

  9. Thinking of you both and wishing S a fast recovery.

  10. well I feel like a shitpoke! I didn’t know exactly when the surgery was happening, I’m so sorry! If you need anything, or S does, I’m around, in town most days, just across the bridge the rest of the time. Just give me a holler!

  11. Big hugs to you both! Please, make sure to take care of you as well.

  12. Whew. And yay.

  13. So glad it went well. Yikes on the uterine size. Sending love your way.

  14. Sending much much love to you both.

  15. give her the biggest hug ever for me. i’m so glad to hear it went well…phew.

    and if she’s needing a smile, tell her she owes me a picture of her at Pride driving that BIG truck. :>

    hugs to you too sister…

  16. Yikes–I didn’t realize she already had the operation! I’m so glad her surgery went well. Best wishes to S. as she recovers.

  17. Glad to hear it. Sending healing thoughts.

  18. Glad to hear S is okay. I’m praying for a speedy recovery. Love ya J.

  19. Glad she made it through. Hugs from the hills of WM. XoXo.

  20. I am so glad things went well. I hope her recovery is fast and eventless. Thinking of you guys!

  21. Working for a Shul, things are just ramping up BIG time right now, so I’m behind the 8 ball in terms of sending smooshy love your and S’s way.

    Thinking of you guys big time, and wowzers on the uterine size.

    I’ll be watching you all closely, with love, light, and a refuah Shlemah.

  22. *thinking good recovery thoughts*

    hugs to you both. ❤

  23. Oh, I hope the recovery goes just as smoothly. I’ve been there.

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