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A Maine Event

June 20, 2008

Bleu wanted a post about Maine and being a Mainer. As I’ve been crazy working but loving having some things to write about I’m going to talk about the BIG GAY NEWS that happened in Maine today.

Backstory: In 2005 Mainer’s voted to include sexual orientation (perceived or otherwise) and gender expression into the state’s human rights bill because Michael Heath and his Christian Civic League managed to scrap up enough signatures to force a voters referendum on the issue. He lost. After oh, say 20 or so years and three similar battles fought hard and lost, it was incredible to actually win.

This year, the CCL wanted to introduce another voters referendum that would not only strip these rights away, but would prevent gay adoptions, as well as civil unions and marriage AND take away funding for schools civil rights teams.

Today, the CCL announced that they were ending their repeal effort due to lack of volunteers and funds. I think they thought they would have a LOT more signatures than the paltry 5000 they’ve collected so far – they needed well over 50,000 to get it on the ballot – and well…they’ve thrown in the towel.

Thanks to the very hard work of some people I think are awesome (notably D, who if she reads this should know that we’re thinking about her and praying for her and her mom) there won’t even be a fight over this silly silly legislation. And the people of Maine have once again shown how wonderful they are – and I’m really happy to live here.

More on what it is to be a Mainer (I’m not it) after what is certain to be a most joyous PRIDE weekend.