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s update

June 30, 2008

For those interested: S’s surgery went well. It took 3 and a half hours. This is because her uterus was 10x the size of a normal one and they managed to do it all lapriscopically, which is great as her recovery won’t be too awful.

Thanks to those who knew this was going on and who have offered support throughout the whole ordeal, especially my sister, A, and K, who makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.



June 26, 2008

This was waiting for me when I got home tonight….yippie!


it’s a living

June 24, 2008

Tyler asked me what being a salesperson was like. Being that Ty is one of my favorite people in the world (and my first and only real boyfriend, but I’ll leave that for another time) I will go for it. Honestly, although I never really considered a career in sales (and I don’t know that many people do) it doesn’t necessarily surprise me that I’m good at it. I mean, I’ve always had an easy time making chitchat with strangers, finding common ground in experiences. And, I’m a ok study in personalities (and getting better) and can think quick on how to convince people that they’re making a right decision.

Honestly, if I wasn’t selling the brand of cars that I sell, I probably wouldn’t be able to. I really believe in the product that they make, and their ethics, and the way they treat the environment, and their plans for a sustainable future in the auto industry. On top of that they’ve always been a good friend of the gay and their corporate politics are very forward thinking. This makes it easy for me to sell.

Also, as far as a “type” of vehicle, this one is perhaps the best suited for Maine’s climate. They’re good. They last forever. And they pretty much sell themselves. It’s the negotiating part that I’ve had to learn. Being as the dealership where I work is about the least sketchy place to buy a car that I’ve ever been in, that’s been pretty ok too. I understand that we offer superior service in all departments – and I’m no longer….feeling like I’m swindling someone while trying to put food on my table. It’s a struggle, you know? It’s hard sometimes, but I’m beginning to not apologize for making money. I mean, people pay lots of money for all kinds of services – and spending 20-40,000 on a vehicle is a big investment. Having a salesperson that does their job well can be the difference between a really bad purchasing experience and a really effortless one. And I don’t know but honestly, I’m willing to pay more for goods if I’m well helped and treated well during my shopping.

I also love the guys I work with. I say guys because this is a very male dominated world. And yes, sometimes they are disgusting sexist pigs, but most of the time they’re just the same kind of 14 y/o boy I am most of the time. I will admit to having to turn it “off’ before I come home because sometimes it can be obnoxious.

Most importantly, I really like what I’m doing. I’m not stressed out too much, and it’s a good way to support myself and actually make some money while figuring out the baby/future stuff.

Mostly, I come home from work happy pretty much every day – a marked improvement if I do say so myself.


i promise

June 22, 2008

Back on track with your questions tomorrow. As for today? Well…marches and parades and pier dances have sapped my energy and my sleep and I just need a recovery day from all of that. Ok, well, that and I kind of have a hangover. I know – terribly unlike me.


A Maine Event

June 20, 2008

Bleu wanted a post about Maine and being a Mainer. As I’ve been crazy working but loving having some things to write about I’m going to talk about the BIG GAY NEWS that happened in Maine today.

Backstory: In 2005 Mainer’s voted to include sexual orientation (perceived or otherwise) and gender expression into the state’s human rights bill because Michael Heath and his Christian Civic League managed to scrap up enough signatures to force a voters referendum on the issue. He lost. After oh, say 20 or so years and three similar battles fought hard and lost, it was incredible to actually win.

This year, the CCL wanted to introduce another voters referendum that would not only strip these rights away, but would prevent gay adoptions, as well as civil unions and marriage AND take away funding for schools civil rights teams.

Today, the CCL announced that they were ending their repeal effort due to lack of volunteers and funds. I think they thought they would have a LOT more signatures than the paltry 5000 they’ve collected so far – they needed well over 50,000 to get it on the ballot – and well…they’ve thrown in the towel.

Thanks to the very hard work of some people I think are awesome (notably D, who if she reads this should know that we’re thinking about her and praying for her and her mom) there won’t even be a fight over this silly silly legislation. And the people of Maine have once again shown how wonderful they are – and I’m really happy to live here.

More on what it is to be a Mainer (I’m not it) after what is certain to be a most joyous PRIDE weekend.


money changes everything

June 18, 2008

As much as I could probably write for hours on class  and race and wealth and the socioeconomic gap between the wealthy and the not so wealthy in this country, I’m going to go with the $130 barrel (more now) of oil forcing Americans to change their spending habits question posed by Dawn on MDI.

In a nutshell….for some it isn’t, or hasn’t…yet.  I have to admit my privilege here: I’m white and educated, and my mother and all of my siblings have college degrees. I’m married to a woman who is also white and educated and who has two parents with college degrees.  This allows us to have fairly stable jobs (in fact, the rising gas price actually is helping the particular niche of the industry I work in,) live in a nice apartment in a nice part of town, and own a new enough vehicle so that if anything happened to it mechanically it would be covered by warranty. We can afford the gas to put in the automobile to get us to work and the store and anywhere else we wish to go.

We are damn lucky, and very very grateful. My guess is that the rising costs of gasoline are going to affect people “like us” in similar ways. We won’t be going out to eat as much, or going on big vacations, or buying more landfill filling crap like huge tv’s or new appliances or things that are not necessities. We’ll continue to have the luxury of affording our rent, paying down our debt, and still putting a little something away for retirement at the end of the month.

I suspect that the cost of gasoline is going to blast the already downtrodden “American poor” who will face insurmountable challenges in filling their gas tanks with $5 a gallon gas to get to their $5 an hour jobs that don’t provide health care.  And because in the infinite wisdom of…..yeah, we’ve been using our corn crops to make fuel instead of food and now that the plains are under water the rising cost of gas is going to perhaps seem petty when compared with the rising cost of food as the nations food supply is dwindling. Which will lead to import questionable food items from other countries some of which have already shown their inability to have any sort of quality control, but will be an affordable source of food for the poor who may get sick but not have health coverage to get well…..and the cycle continues.

And the truth of it is that as lucky and privileged as we are we’re likely STILL 3 paychecks away from being homeless – just like the majority of middle class America.

Pretty frightening times. And as much as I like to think I can figure out a lot of hard stuff….this problem is totally beyond me.

Your thoughts?


The toenail post

June 17, 2008

Thank you for your ideas guys, there are LOTS of them, and as I promised, I will get to each and every single one of them, and I think it will be easiest to go in order. So, with that, we start first with Melody’s question about why someone would want press on toenails. First, the photographic evidence:

See, they really do exist. I only even saw them because when we go “sport shopping” at big box stores just for the pleasure of seeing all the shit that one could buy if they so wanted to, my femme wife demands we make a stop in the make-up and hair care aisles. I usually don’t have a problem with this (as long as she doesn’t take too long) and I will admit to enjoying getting to help the nail polish color selection process move along.

And then I saw these press-on toenails. For whatever reason toes have become big business. I guess I didn’t really get that pedicures existed until I married a femme. I mean, I’d gotten one, once, like 6 years ago before a wedding that I thought I might wear sandals (glorified flip flops)at and wanted to make sure my feet looked good. And as I wasn’t really ever friends with girly-girls in high school, the idea of doing stuff like this with them wasn’t really there. Maybe it was happening, maybe it wasn’t. I’ll never know.

I do know that as flip flops become more acceptable in the work place (I actually hate this, but I digress) women (and some men) decided that their raggedy toenails needed to look great too. And for some nail company, opportunity knocked, and so I present to you the press on toenail. What interested me most is that they weren’t any great color except this “dead flesh” type French manicure thing.

I can’t imagine anyone actually using these. I think it’s gross enough that there are press on fingernails. But I think those are gross because not too long ago after a drag show one got caught in a friends hair and we didn’t notice it till the next day. Gross. Uck. Now I’m grossed out all over again.

The funniest part about the cosmetics aisle trip in Walm*art is that S found this perfect tube of glittery silver eye liner that she HAD to have. Had too. And as much as I hate putting $$ into the Walm*rt machine, it really was only $2.47 (none of their prices end in round numbers…interesting) so I was like “whatever.”

Anyway, we shopped for a while longer, and left, and it wasn’t till HOURS later when she reached into her pocket looking for a cell phone that she realized that she had, ahem, lifted the eyeliner. I am married to a petty thief. I should probably send them a check, right?