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so much thanks

February 7, 2008

This week my faith in human kindness has been overwhelmingly uplifted. I’ve been the recipient of some pretty wonderful donations before, and honestly, never blink to send off either items or money to my friends who need help that I am able to give. But I never thought that I would receive the kind of help that I got yesterday.

The tale started on Sunday when I got emails from two different bloggers that said that they’d seen a woman post on a fertility board that she had some extra drugs, and they both gave me her information and the original post they’d seen.

P and I started exchanging emails that weekend. I learned that she and her partner had been trying for quite some time, and for a variety of reasons had come to the point where ttc was something they were no longer going to pursue. And due to their excellent insurance they’d not had the same kinds of financial struggles we were having. And they were thrilled to help out other lesbians. So much so that she’s said she is going to have her refills filled and sent to me, just because she can. She and her partner sounded like lovely people.
The list of drugs that this woman had were extensive and pretty much covered every single thing I would need for my next cycle. Everything. In amounts I couldn’t even believe were real. Actually, I must admit that my pessimistic side (or my refusal to “fart sunshine” as one of my friends put it) didn’t actually believe that this was real. That I was actually going to receive anything. Until last night when a HUGE box was delivered to my doorstep. S and I opened the box, were amazed, and I cried for about an hour. Really, I cried myself to exhaustion, I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of strangers.

I still can’t quite put into words how thankful we are, how much of a burden is off of our shoulders. Really. Really really really big weight, gone. But I want to acknowledge that I understand that my dreams continuing on also means that there is a final ending to the dreams of others. And while I know that P and her partner are happy that they can help us, I also know that this is a real, tangible end to a huge dream for them.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to thank them enough, but once more…Thank you.


late night, maudlin street

February 3, 2008

There is news in baby making camp but I think I need to keep that close to my vest for just a few more days. In the meantime, I’m going to (and kids, some of this might not exactly be SFW but I mean, it WAS on unpaid for cable TV so it’s not that bad, right?) tell you a story of what happened at our house on Friday night.

I should preface this post with some facts about my sleeping. I do it well, most of the time. And we have a somewhat white noisy humidifier going in the winter time so basically NOTHING wakes me up outside of S shoving kissing me sweetly in the morning.  On Friday evening we had a friend sleeping in our living room. But S heard something and woke up  (I remained dead to the world) and was got out of bed to meet also awake friend in the hallway to check out what was going on.

In our nice residential neighborhood a very very drunk man was yelling in the street. The streets were slicked with about an inch of ice and rain and muck so he was falling every few minutes, dropping cans of beer, and continuing to yell. The commotion of S calling the authorities woke me up, and as the man was quickly picked up and taken away I noticed that our friend had the tv on. It was 3 am at this time.  The first thing I noticed was that we were watching the OXYGEN network. I started to tease her about this being the channel that she was watching but then I saw this:

My interest piqued, I settled on to the couch with S and friend to see what, exactly, was going to be sold on the Oxygen network at 3 in the morning that you had to be at least 18 years of age to purchase.

I met our hosts, Myoko and Amanda, two very very heteronormative looking women. They were selling sex toys, on cable. No, really. And there were two separate numbers for men or women to call to order. Amazing.

Myoko was very articulate when it came do describing certain toys, ones that, lets say, had harnesses etc, letting people know that all different types of people could use the toys, like two girls or EVEN two boys. Like this toy. On TV. At 3am.

Seriously, it was like NO home shopping network experience I’d ever had. Thank G-d Joan Rivers wasn’t on this show. But something about the spectacle of it at 3 in the morning MADE us watch. For like an hour. Till the show ended and it started repeating itself. Really. And then I was UP which was hard because I had to be at work at 8am on Saturday morning.

But completely worth it.