The Ice(woman) cometh

January 31, 2008

Before I get to the meat of this post, we had a death in the family today. Yes, today my beloved Mac died. I will say that I did do the responsible thing today and stayed at home. Which means I did NOT jump into my car and drive to Salem, New Hampshire, which is where the closest Apple store is located. Nope, I stayed at home and I really gave thought to the kind of laptop I needed. I mean, do I need a Mac? I can get a comparable pc for a lot less. But I like Apple. A lot. I really really do.  So I think I’m going to get one, but order it on line instead of spending $50 in gas and tolls to pick another one up.  So anyway, I think I’m going to order one tonight. I may think on it a bit longer. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery would be appreciated.

On to the real part of the post. About 4 months ago S started chomping on ice. She’d fill up glasses of ice and chew on it whenever she could.  It was kind of weird, and I was worried about her dental work, but really, there’s a lot of other things she could be fixating on, right?

So when my mom was here for the holidays she mentioned that chewing ice like that is a sign of anemia. When we googled it when we got home we found out that people who are anemic often have weird cravings for chewing on ice, starch, and….um. dirt. Yeah. Thankfully she wasn’t into the dirt. But S waited until a few days ago to make the appointment with her doctor. In the few days since then she’s had a couple of VERY weird temperature flux situations and some other weird things, that passed fairly quickly, but was still kind of weird.

She had her blood drawn this morning and um, her hemoglobin level was around 7. Normal is somewhere above 13. Her other blood levels were really not so good too, so she’s going on some (really harsh) iron supplements today and will have her blood re-tested on Monday. And hopefully it’ll have been caught early enough so that other scary things (like blood transfusions) can be avoided.

Part of what is really yucky about this is that outside of the allergies and asthma, S is in fairly good health. And will all of the close attention we’ve paid to MY medical needs for the past two years maybe we haven’t  been watching her close enough. And this makes me upset too. I mean, yeah I’m not thrilled that this was put off for so long that it’s gotten to a point where it’s serious, but why wasn’t I more attentive? I don’t know. Kind of puts things into perspective.

Anyway, I’m really glad she’s going to be treated for this and soon, because winter’s almost over and you know, all of the snow and ice will melt and I won’t be able to tell her that if she runs out of ice cubes she can just go gnaw on the plow piles.


  1. i have heard of this ice chewing thing. its good you caught it.
    now about the mac. they are lovely aren’t they. but…if you think about how often we need to replace these machines nowadays – it is hard to justify the extra cost.

  2. Hey, glad you caught it too. I had anemia at one time as well and iron supps are pretty harsh. One other easy thing to do now is to start using a cast iron skillet for most cooking, it honestly does make a difference.
    Good luck.
    I also want a mac but cannot justify it right now when I can get a nice laptop for 500-600 but I hope to get a mac in the next two years.

  3. My mom got the ice thing when she was anemic. She ended up needing IV iron transfusions, but there was a number of factors contributing to her anemia so the iron supplement should bring it up nicely I hope.

  4. Mac. There is no other way to go! Cheap PCs are cheap for a reason. And then you are left working on a PC. How annoying would that be?! Sorry – I am a Mac convert and there’s no way I’d ever go back!

  5. Tig’s hemoglobin got down to 4 one time. Yes, 4. She had IV iron (that was pretty harsh too). This was about 6 mos before she got pg. She also had 4 units of blood after having Ms. Baby while still in the hospital. Floradix works really well for Tig who can’t tolerate any other iron sups (they make her really ill).

    Something to consider, Tig’s liver doc suggested that she be tested for celiac disease because anemia/malabsorption can be a symptom of that. It’s a simple blood test. And if her gut is damaged from celiac disease, it could explain some of her sensitivity to other foods (which is common).

    Hope she’s feeling better soon!

  6. We always had Macs growing up, so when I had to use PCs for uni projects I was lost. I haven’t used a Mac now for years and I miss them. Not that they are available, but I would kill for a Mac Air. Divine.

    As for S, poor thing. Lucky that your mom read that article though! I hope the iron supplements do their job. I was on them myself for awhile when I had my 50 year period and was near passing out all the time.

  7. danielle stole my thunder! Indeed have S tested for Celiac. Once I was diagnosed and dove into the symptoms/causes etc. it was like seeing Gd! So many of my medical issues over the years were because of diet and the intolerance to gluten. Even if she doesn’t feel like it could be the cause because it can develop at any stage of life. Your body just starts rejecting it and not absorbing any vitamins and minerals. Hugs to you both!

  8. Hope S feels better and the supplements help.

    I am a Mac woman all the way. I know what you mean about the cost…but I love my Mac. love.

  9. yikes! So glad that S got a swift diagnosis. Is there anything she can add to her diet as well? Are the pills a forever thing? (hugs to Neve)

    You must continue with a mac. Once you go mac you can’t go back. seriously. Do you have any teacher friends that you can order through? they do a serious discount for educator types.


  10. Now I like Mac. Jude has a mac and I have mac envy. But I have a tablet PC and well that rocks. And Mac doesn’t make a tablet. And I already have all the software…..etc etc.

    That being said – they opened an Apple store here at the mall in W. Springfield. So forget that other place and just come here to buy it;)

  11. Wow – glad S went to the doc. I never heard that chomping on ice was a sign of anemia.

    ummm….have I mentioned we have an apple store 1/2 a mile from our house. 😉

  12. Glad they were able to catch S’s issues and are treating her. I hope she improves soon.

    Take care.

  13. I’m glad you guys are now aware of the anemia. When I had my first flare-up of Crohn’s the anemia was so severe that I couldn’t keep my body temperature up. It was so bad that I sat in the kitchen in long underwear wrapped in three blankets and shivered. I’m happy Sarah won’t have to go through that misery. As for the Mac vs. PC argument – they’re both tools that get the job done, although personally I prefer Macs. That being said, if you do get a PC just don’t get Vista as your OS. I have heard nothing but bad things about it from PC people. I’m glad Sarah is okay. Love ya.

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