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just an observation

December 28, 2007

*Note. All but the first link are NSFW, sorry my working friends.*

But a certain automobile maker has a new vehicle called the “Rondo.” S and I were watching TV last night when we saw the commercial for this particular automaker. While we were both impressed with the Flashdance imitation on the ad, we both thought the name “Rondo” is pretty much a porn star name, or, the type of name that companies like this one give to certain products. Turns out, we weren’t far off.


Jewish Christmas day celebration

December 26, 2007

Johnny Depp + British accent + Sondheim score = sounds like David Bowie.

Sweeney Todd was awesome. Funny and gory and all the good things that Sweeney Todd should be. As much as I love Mr. Depp, Helena Bonham Carter stole the show (in my humble opinion) and it was a sweet surprise to see Alan Rickman in this flick.

Although we weren’t terribly hungry for dinner after watching it, we’ll all give thumbs up to Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

On track for today?  Watching the Martha Stewart show, as I intend to do every weekday from now until I have to go to work again next week. And then, perhaps steeling up, and braving the mall to burn apart some gift cards. Or maybe, just maybe….not doing anything. Which would also be lovely;)



December 22, 2007

Yesterday was my last day ever at the job I’ve come to hate to get out of bed in the morning to go to. It was kind of a….stressful week, truth be told, and I’m really glad that I’m on “vacation” right now.

As is with the “rules,” I’ve never told “you” where I work, or really what I do. I’ve insinuated that I worked in the seafood industry, which is true, but um, this is Maine and there’s a lot of that here. I’ve never even really told you what I’ve been dealing with at work for the past 4 years, and while things had been manageable in my position for the first two and a half years, the last year and a half has kind of been out of control. And as I don’t work there anymore, I’m going to let you in on it. Of course, no names or faces, but…..I don’t feel so paranoid now that I never have to go back there again.
As much as I like the company I was working for, and pretty much EVERYONE working for the company from the owner down, I could not stand the person who I was sharing an office with. I listened to this man complain, 8 hours a day, for the past 4 years. I watched his crazy theories about filing (If I file it, I will forget I have it, and I’ll forget to deal with it) cause his desk to become a mountain of paper through which he, no joke, must have spent at least an hour a day searching through for specific papers or folders or pieces of mail. Cursing loudly the whole time.

He is the kind of guy who thinks that his job is the most important, and that everyone else isn’t working very hard at all, and referred to any kind of work that required him to actually take accountability for HIS stuff (i.e. filing, sorting, mailing stuff,phone call making) “Kindergarten work,” and always talking about how he should be doing “bigger things. Which always made me feel great because well, you know, my work area was always free from debris and clear because I had an incredible filing system for all of my work in progress. Yeah.

He is the kind of guy who doesn’t really know how to compartmentalize his feelings and so when he gets upset, he has explosions of the MASSIVE kind (really, a 3 year old has NOTHING on him.) Once he was so angry and so loud that I told him that if he “didn’t calm down a little bit that I was going to leave.” His response, “Well if you don’t have that much work to do, go.” I had to answer that with, “well, no, actually I have a ton of work to do, but I’m not going to try to do it sitting here listening to you curse and yell.” Often times I had to tell him to calm down, or go outside until he cooled off. For someone who hates yelling as much as I do, this job has been completely draining on my soul, for a very very long time.

Also, I’d like to point out that I’m not crazy in thinking this – all of the other office employees don’t really like this guy (we had a separate office, a football field distance away from them) and even the owner knew what I put up with. I had had MANY conversations about my co workers behavior with him and others over the course of my tenure there.

I had MANY responsibilities in that job, many very detailed, and many that no one else in the company knew how to do. So, about THREE MONTHS ago, I told the owner that I was wasn’t happy and that I was starting to look for new work. At that point he said he didn’t want to lose me as an employee but that we’d hire someone to take over my job, I could train them, and then move along into something else. An ad was placed in the paper. MANY people responded. Guess how many people had their resumes reviewed? That would be zero.

In fact, when I gave notice three weeks ago, there was STILL no movement on the replacement issue, AND a temp didn’t start working until WEDNESDAY of this week. I think he really expected me to train her or something in three days. Great. Well, the job is kind of hard and detailed and I did explain the best I could the bare bones minimum of what I do, and let her work on it. I farmed out more tedious tasks to other employees. And you would think that having a new person in the office would keep my evil co-worker on his best behavior, but, um, no. And the temp asked me if he was crazy. And then didn’t show up on Friday. I didn’t blame her.

But for whatever reason, when on the phone w/ the temp agency to find out why she wasn’t coming back, he somehow was able to get in contact with her and convince her to return on Wednesday of next week, making it sound like the reason she didn’t want to come back was because I TRIED TO TEACH HER TOO MANY THINGS. Yes, he blamed me for her departure, and my guess is that she was too scared to say, “actually I’m not coming back because you scare me.” Good luck to her, I doubt she’ll make a full week there.

But as for me? I am done. Done done done. I received some very lovely parting gifts, and took home two gigantor lobsters for a celebratory dinner. I got to hang out with some of my best friends and people and my wife, and did I mention it’s the holidays and my mom is coming today and I have the next 11 days off before I start an exciting adventure in a TOTALLY different industry, working for and with people I already know to be pleasurable and well, stable.

So, that’s what work life, which takes up a huge amount of space both time wise and emotional well being wise, has been like for me for the past few years. It feels both good and weird to have shared this with you. Good because I feel like I’ve been holding back on that. Even though I could have you know pwd protected or something, I’d still feel weird about spilling things that pertained to a job I was still doing. I don’t know why, clearly I did my best work for them, and well, wasn’t treated all that great (repeat, everyone ELSE treated me excellently.) I guess it’s hard for me to be totally open with you guys sometimes. But as I transition into a new position, and hopefully a much happier, and healthier place….you guys will notice a change in me too, and I wanted you to know why that might happen.

Happy Holidays everyone!


winter price gouging…???…???

December 19, 2007

You know you live in Maine when the local Craigslist casual encounters board has multiple posts like this. NSFW and I didn’t even include the ones that had photos.

Do not ask why I was looking. I just stumbled upon this information and felt it my duty to pass it along to you. Yeah.


just a dream

December 17, 2007

While we’re still digging out from yesterdays storm, I thought I’d just relay a dream I remember from last night. Maybe you can interpret:

We’re having a dinner party. Our RE is there. For whatever reason we are doing an embryo transfer during the party, but in another room. I remember a LOOOONG converstaion about if she puts 3 back, we WILL have twins, and in the end, decided to go with that option.

So my RE did the transfer in our bedroom with three embryos that were marble sized, glass balls.




Les Oeufs

December 14, 2007

For C. Good luck, my friend.


For the love of pi

December 13, 2007

Math works! My crazy Christmas tree skirt pattern totally worked, and I managed to hem it not too badly considering I don’t have the propper “feet” for doing so. It’s perfect, S loves it, and I’ll probably get around to backing it, maybe later this week….or next year:)  Other quilts and cooking experiments (Hey C – including pumpkin ravioli) of late can be found on flickr. Enjoy!