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October 9, 2007

I’m not going anywhere….Just using some time to reflect on some things that are going on. I hope to be enlightened once more with the spark of creativity but right now…things seem to just be…..dull. Of course now that I’ve said that, I’ll take a punch of enthusiasm to the stomach and start posting every day….now that would be nice.


GFM Recap

October 3, 2007

Even though I am a *lucky* recipient of what is being called the “Portland Plague,” I still managed to drag myself out to GFM, Olive Garden extravaganza. Our waitpeople had no idea what they were getting themselves into.  The entire event lasted well over 2 hours, but we were a big group anyway, so there was much conversation as entertainment outside of the competitive eating.

And how did our contestants fare?? Contestant #1, KD well, she talked a really big game but managed to only get 3 bowls down.  She gave a big FU to the other contestants by getting a piece of cheesecake as desert, but really I don’t think it phased the other two contenders at all.

Contestant #2, aka my little sister fared better. Though I think she did it a little too fast and almost as soon as she got her 5th bowl (yes, 5) down she called her self out of the game and raced off to the restroom.

Which leaves us with our winner KP, who finished and kept down his 5th bowl of pasta. He was rewarded nicely by not having to pay for his dinner and also having bragging rites till next year. I was told he managed to keep his dinner down at least an hour after eating, though um, some of it made….a return.  He also reports not being hungry until 5pm the following day.

So, there you have it. GFM spaghetti eating competition of 07 is over. Next year I’m going to figure out a way that others can compete via webcam. This could become the “next big thing.” Really.


Return of GFM

October 1, 2007

What I’ve written about before as “Monday Madness,” has been renamed “Gross Food Monday,” and is reconvening tonight at the Olive Garden. Not that we think the OG is a gross resturant, I mean, it’s not really Italian food, but what it is isn’t SO bad. And it’s cheap.  But there is a specific point to tonight’s venture out.

It seems that a few of my friends, and my sister, have been inspired by the recent world champion burrito eating contest that took place in the Portland area last weekend. Such “competitive eating,” (though, let me just say, I DON’T consider this a sport) champions such as Takeru Kobayashi who was until recently the Nathan’s champion, and Sonia, “The Black Widow” Thomas were in town for the event. Now we didn’t actually GO to watch (we could have but um….really, there are much better things to waste time on,) but since the event, some of our crew have been….inspired.

Which brings us to tonight. It is that time of year when the OG has brought back the “never ending pasta bowl,” which is affording my friends the perfect opportunity to engage in some competitive eating, and also not pay very much for it. Personally, I think this is gross. But it IS “Gross Food Monday,” and so I will go and watch. 

So far there have been only a few rules set down….winner is selected based on how many total bowls of pasta eaten, competitor has free choice of what kind of pasta ordered (which makes them have to think a bit. I wouldn’t suggest anything with alfredo,) and can choose whether or not to eat salad or bread (I wouldn’t do that, either.) The only two prohibitive rules we’ve come up with is that one must keep down all food until leaving the OG premises, and also that one is not allowed to engage in any pre game rituals that perhaps might be classified as ….”performance enhancers.” 

So, yeah. The return of GFM.  Life can be fun. You know,  sometimes, when some of you guys tell me that I do awesome things with my friends….and that you wished you live closer to participate? Probably rethinking that notion right about now, eh?