letting my juvenile impulses sway

October 31, 2007

I’m such a lucky little devil. Morrissey, my love, played in Boston last night. I wasn’t going to go. I’d just seen him (different tour) in May. Money is tight. And even though I love him so so much I couldn’t justify 75$ per ticket AND a trip into Boston to go see him, again.  But stroke of good luck, a friend noticed some cheap cheap tickets on line. Like, $50 for the BOTH of them. In the center orchestra. HOW could I say no?? Exactly. Couldn’t. 

And it was so so good. And I didn’t even get stuck in evil Red Sox parade traffic. Or have an issue with parking. Or have any roadblocks standing between me and my man.  Bonus? Girl in A Coma, with a HOTTIE queer bassist opened. Which is great because um, the woman who previously was opening? Not so good. And GIAC wasn’t all that bad. In fact, they were pretty ok. Which is pretty spectacular for a Morrissey opening act.

And I had great company with my friend KP. And good conversations. And shit. Deliliah on the radio on the way home. We like to listen to Delilah and based upon what the caller is saying we like to guess the artist that Delilah is going to play for them. Last night, I guessed Celine Dion on a caller and I was TOTALLY right. In all fairness, it’s usually Celine, Phil Collins, or Kenny Rogers, but STILL. I got one.

Kind of a perfect evening. I’m remembering how much I love to live for stuff like this. And it’s good.

Happy Halloween!!! I’m dressed up as a tired but happy lesbian.


  1. You only liked that bassist because she reminded you of S, didn’t you?

    Had a blast last night. What a great show.

  2. Sounds awesome!

  3. wow- that sounds like an ideal night for you. rock on!

  4. Oh you biiiiiitch! Jealous.

    What did you decide re: The Cure anyway?

  5. Wow, I am a closeted Morrissey fan. How sweet!

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