knick knack paddy whack

October 29, 2007

This is my “neice” Lily’s* new dog toy.  I was NOT the one who bought this for her.

It is called the “Galileo.” Really. It’s an honest to goodness doggie toy, not intended for anything but being a doggie toy.




Ok, I’m done being 14 years old now.


Ok. I lied. I’m going to continue to laugh about this.


*Lily is the most cutest Sheltie puppy in the whole wide world. Just had to mention that.


  1. Whoa. If I saw that in someone’s house I would NEVER think it was a dog toy. I would think they were making up a lame story…


  2. um. um. um.
    well. um.
    that totally made me giggle- thanks for that.

  3. I’m still unsure what to believe…
    My eyes deceive me…

  4. Funny I remember something called the Galileo that looked a lot like that but it sure wasn’t being bought at a pet store!

    I had a something called the Scorpio once.

  5. my favorite part is the subject of this post.

    and yes, i sell something that looks enough like that “toy” as to be substitutable.

    is that a word?

    that is all.

  6. HAHAHA! (also 14 years old)

    That’s just as bad as the Kong dog toys.

  7. Just wait! Our dog has one of those and he carries it around the house and then drops it right behind you!! The thing weighs 20lbs, I swear and when he drops it on the hardwood floor it scares the crap out of you!!

  8. erm, yeah, OK – nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  9. Dude.

  10. I buckled over when laughter when I saw it. I can’t even look at it.

  11. Whoa… cool. Where do I get one? For my dog, I mean. What?! How do you know I don’t have a dog?

  12. Um…my kitty has a toy just like that 😉

    snort..(apparently I’m 14 too)

  13. uhh..yeah. what they said.

  14. LOL….who could look at that and NOT double over laughing?!!??

  15. I ah, have a dog too! Yeah, that’s it! Actually, I have two dogs, yeah that’s it!

  16. Wow…the fact that it even has a name like Galileo is just too much!

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