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October 23, 2007

Last weekend we were lucky enough to visit NJ/NYC to see some family and friends.  We had a blast!!! One of the most enjoyable parts of our trip was shopping. REAL MALLS people. I’m a Jersey girl at heart and for real, I haven’t been to a REAL MALL in 4 years. It was incredible.

We also got to visit my favoirte Asian supermarket, Mitsuwa. I was able to stock up on some of my favorite snacks and candies and beverages that you just can’t get here, and I also managed to snag some cheap cool bento supplies.

Part of this loot was picking up a package of 12 mini creme caramel puddings. When I say mini, I mean REALLY mini, like, 1/8 of the size of a traditional pudding cup. That cherry that’s over there near the picture? That’s accurate size. But it’s a sweet little snack that I like having in the middle of my really healthy lunches.

My favorite aprt of this particular snack? The warning that comes on the bag that contains the individual packets. The first warning, and perhaps most important on the bag?

DO NOT SWALLOW SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for that warning, captain obvious.


  1. so, how are those? I’ve been seeing them on the bento blogs I read and been interesting in trying them but can’t find them here in the land o salt.

  2. Capatin Obvious- one of my favorite super hero guys.

  3. I heart NJ! It is so underrated.

    I remembered to check last night…no Follistim. Is that the only thing you’d need?

  4. a friend of ours in college made famous (well, within our little circle) the warning on cheez whiz (sp??): for best results, remove lid.

    um, yep!

    glad you were able to stock up on all kinds of goodies. 🙂

  5. They don’t have malls in Maine?

    Watch out for those spoons.

  6. The Maine Mall. Ugh. Lived in Portland for 8 years and I remember Maine Mall got a Hot Topics about 15 years after it was…well…hot. Not that I’m trashing Maine/Portland. Miss it in so MANY ways. But now I live about 3 miles from Short Hills Mall – or, sorry, I think it’s “The Mall at Short Hills” (whatever)- so I get what you’re saying. Filene’s, frankly, should stay in the basement.

  7. I heard “you” in this post today. I felt your spirit and smile. It has been a bit and it was such a joy to see it appearing again. You are an inspiration to all of us on the IF road.

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