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letting my juvenile impulses sway

October 31, 2007

I’m such a lucky little devil. Morrissey, my love, played in Boston last night. I wasn’t going to go. I’d just seen him (different tour) in May. Money is tight. And even though I love him so so much I couldn’t justify 75$ per ticket AND a trip into Boston to go see him, again.  But stroke of good luck, a friend noticed some cheap cheap tickets on line. Like, $50 for the BOTH of them. In the center orchestra. HOW could I say no?? Exactly. Couldn’t. 

And it was so so good. And I didn’t even get stuck in evil Red Sox parade traffic. Or have an issue with parking. Or have any roadblocks standing between me and my man.  Bonus? Girl in A Coma, with a HOTTIE queer bassist opened. Which is great because um, the woman who previously was opening? Not so good. And GIAC wasn’t all that bad. In fact, they were pretty ok. Which is pretty spectacular for a Morrissey opening act.

And I had great company with my friend KP. And good conversations. And shit. Deliliah on the radio on the way home. We like to listen to Delilah and based upon what the caller is saying we like to guess the artist that Delilah is going to play for them. Last night, I guessed Celine Dion on a caller and I was TOTALLY right. In all fairness, it’s usually Celine, Phil Collins, or Kenny Rogers, but STILL. I got one.

Kind of a perfect evening. I’m remembering how much I love to live for stuff like this. And it’s good.

Happy Halloween!!! I’m dressed up as a tired but happy lesbian.


knick knack paddy whack

October 29, 2007

This is my “neice” Lily’s* new dog toy.  I was NOT the one who bought this for her.

It is called the “Galileo.” Really. It’s an honest to goodness doggie toy, not intended for anything but being a doggie toy.




Ok, I’m done being 14 years old now.


Ok. I lied. I’m going to continue to laugh about this.


*Lily is the most cutest Sheltie puppy in the whole wide world. Just had to mention that.


Knowing when it’s ok to say “no”

October 26, 2007

Last night I made a really good decision for myself. I decided to NOT go to an open forum on the new laws surrounding queer adoption in Maine. It was really hard for me to say no. I’m really invested and involved in the politics of my local community.  But it was the right decision.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to meet up with some of my very favorite people, and most ardent supporters. And their kids. And some of my friends are very visibly pregnant. And I thought I’d be ok. But in reality? It was a lot harder than I had expected it to be, probably because for me, anyway, I’ve been trying as long as they have and well, I don’t have the goods or the belly to show for it. And as much as I really truly am happy for all of them? It’s still really hard.

So, knowing that the possibility of feeling bad was a good probability if I went to this meeting? I didn’t go. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see some people that I really like who I haven’t seen in a while. But that can be remedied in other ways.  And I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to understand that I’m not failing anyone, not even myself, by not going to events that are going to make me feel bad.

That may sound small, or even petty, but seriously? For me? A pleaser who never wants to dissapoint?  Big big fucking step.


That was helpful

October 23, 2007

Last weekend we were lucky enough to visit NJ/NYC to see some family and friends.  We had a blast!!! One of the most enjoyable parts of our trip was shopping. REAL MALLS people. I’m a Jersey girl at heart and for real, I haven’t been to a REAL MALL in 4 years. It was incredible.

We also got to visit my favoirte Asian supermarket, Mitsuwa. I was able to stock up on some of my favorite snacks and candies and beverages that you just can’t get here, and I also managed to snag some cheap cool bento supplies.

Part of this loot was picking up a package of 12 mini creme caramel puddings. When I say mini, I mean REALLY mini, like, 1/8 of the size of a traditional pudding cup. That cherry that’s over there near the picture? That’s accurate size. But it’s a sweet little snack that I like having in the middle of my really healthy lunches.

My favorite aprt of this particular snack? The warning that comes on the bag that contains the individual packets. The first warning, and perhaps most important on the bag?

DO NOT SWALLOW SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for that warning, captain obvious.


Protected: Paying it forward

October 22, 2007

So….most of you (my beloved readers, that is) come here because I am terribly funny, smart, articulate, and cute to boot. Ok, really, I know, most of you come here to see how I’m doing on my journey to parenthood.

I’ve written for the past two years about our struggle to get and maintain a pregnancy. It hasn’t happened yet, and this makes us sad, but along the way we’ve been incredibly blessed to come across some terrifically top drawer people who have stood by us, offered support, hugs, telephone calls in the middle of the night – whatever it was that I needed during all of the horrible bad shit that was going on.

One such person is Cali. Cali has tried to get pregnant for a long long time. She’s smart, educated, funny, caring, and most importantly (to me) very free with the love she has for her friends and her family. She’s in need of some help right now. I can’t even begin to go into how kind Cali is, and how brave and wonderful she is. And I can’t express how much I respect her choice to be a stay at home caregiver to her grandmother – a full time, 24 hour a day job that gets her no pay, and no insurance. Every cent she’s spent on trying to get pregnant has come from her own pocket and savings from before she started taking care of her grandmother.

As a last ditch effort to achieve her dreams of parenthood, she applied, and was accepted to a donor egg program in the Northeast. For the last week she’s been miles from home, ripening her follicles for this IVF cycle where half of her eggs would go to her, and the other to another woman who also has all of her hopes and dreams on this cycle.

Today, Cali found out that this cycle was to be cancelled because her FDA mandated blood screen showed her positive for Hep C. Cali has been tested for this numerous times over the past few years, and it’s almost impossible for her to have contracted it. My guess is that this is a false positive, a fairly common result with the standard Hep C test.  This is her guess and hope as well.

I talked with Cali earlier today and even though all of her dreams are hanging by a thread right now, her first concern was about the recipient of her donor eggs, and how horrible things must be for her today, and how bad she feels about this.  This is the kind of woman that Cali is.

I have never solicited funds via this blog, for me, or any other person, event, or cause. I likely never will again.  But if you’d be so kind to visit Cali’s blog. Read a few of her posts – amongst my recent   favorites are these. Read her post from today, about what happened. And then, if you, like me, think that she’s an amazing woman who deserves this chance more than pretty much anyone I’ve ever met? Please click to donate on her IVF fund.

Like I said, I have never, and probably won’t ever again ask for funds for anything – that’s not the point of this blog. Heck, right now, in our financial lives I’ve seriously considered putting us on the ramen diet so that we can pay off  our own huge IVF bill – it’s not something I’d ever ever ask for help on.  But Cali? I’ve never met someone who has met defeat, and dealt with sadness so gracefully, and expressed genuine happiness for those who good fortune has found. She’s really, really deserving of this.  And if you think she’s pretty incredible, you can help try and change her life, today.

Thanks for reading.


When bad fonts happen to good messages

October 18, 2007

A tale today, via S:

“You know how, when you are doing graphic design work, you want to make sure that the font you use is clean and clear, appropriate for the message you are trying to send?

Sometimes, designers chose the wrong font.  It happens.  It is very unfortunate.  Sometimes, VERY unfortunate.

Yesterday, I was driving behind a car that had a bumper sticker that very clearly exemplifies this point.  The sticker was yellow and with black and white writing.  From a car’s-length distance, this is how it read:

I’m proud of my
Cum Scout

So very wrong and so very unfortunate. ”


I will add to this story another tale of bumper sticker woe: Whoever designed the stickers for M.A.D.D. here in Maine used bright yellow for the “Don’t” portion of the bumpersticker.  Which has faded over time. I can’t tell you how many bright blue “Drink and Drive” stickers I’ve passed on the road. Sad….



a new addiction

October 17, 2007

Again quiet. Have found myself addicted to Dance Dance Revolution. May seek help….soon.