There’s a troll in the dungeon!

July 31, 2007

The last in short two post series about evilness:

My hometown troll has left another horrible hate filled comment, reiterating more of the same from yesterday, and as it was so poorly written, I’m not going to post it here.  I admit, yesterday I responded to in anger rather than with intelligence, so I’m going to try that route today and be done with it.

So far this summer I’ve read of parents neglecting their children in favor of video games, parents allowing their children to live in their disgusting, animal infested (including a horse – in the house! When the cops picked up the baby he was sitting in manure,) homes,  and numerous instances of infants left to bake and die inside automobiles, unfortunately forgotten by their parents. The common thread? All of these parents were straight.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that queer parents are infallible. But one must admit that the stories of neglect, abuse, and just plain disregard of children runs most rampant through the straight community.  Is it because as queers we (usually) have to work much harder to form our families (as do my straight infertile friends) and therefore have a higher regard for our children? I don’t know. Sometimes, maybe.

Also, some of my BIGGEST support has come in the form of straight, (often Christian) women who for whatever reason were unable to reproduce without the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Are these women any more deserving of children than I am? No, and many of us are on the same path to achieve the same goals. Does G-d not want a child in their home? Seems to be a really really slippery slope to be riding on, using G-d’s will as your argument.

What amazes me most, my troll friend, is that I know the community from which you are a product. You are a graduate of the first high school in this country that voluntarily desegregated. You grew up in a town in which many cultures, races, and religions thrive amongst each other. I know that there are some….issues currently brewing, but I remember (especially during the times when you were a student) a relatively peaceful town, where everyone co-existed happily, and was interested in learning more about our neighbors histories. I wonder what must have happened to you along the way, what sparked your embracing of hate, rather than love, or at minimum, respect.

Troll, it’s very hard to hide on the internet, and while I’m in no way a threat to you, I do know quite a bit about you –  your name, maiden name, home address, phone number, etc. This is probably more than you’d like me to know, but it’s easy to find out things when one is a part of such a tightly knit, long standing community, and also I admit, have friends very very good at using ISP information to locate folks.

I wonder how you, or your family would be treated in town with many people knowing that there was a hateful, racist, homophobic, anti-semetic nazi living in their midst. I mean, you’ve got nothing on me. I live my life with pride. I have no shame, and nothing to hide. You on the other hand, get your rocks off by posting inflammatory comments that are intended to do nothing but hurt, on the blogs of people you don’t even know. That’s something you can be really proud of, something great to pass on to your children.

In closing, know that I’ve blocked all of the addresses you use from this site, blocked your host, and will no longer be reading or responding to anything you write.  Your comments will go directly to spam. I don’t have time for your negativity in my life, and I know that whether or not this IVF cycle (or future cycles) works, there will be children in our lives, and we will make excellent parents (or at least try too.)

I wish you peace.


  1. *claps mightily*

  2. well done! i’m impressed!

  3. beautifully said, my dear.

    And for the record? A LARGE majority of people who “stalk” and “troll” GLBTQ sites? Are seriously closeted themselves.


    Poor guy (gal?) living in their own self-hating closet has got to suck.

    It is a kick in the gut to deal with someone trying to crap in and on your safe place.
    You did so with grace and honesty and more kindness than I imagine this woman knows.
    It takes a specific kind of individual to judge a person. I can only hope that this person is shamed enough to educate themselves, or if anything else, maybe they can pray a little harder. If they listen they will hear that God is about love and acceptance.

    xo to you dear wonderful J.

  5. Amen, sisterfriend.

  6. awww come on, post her email addy and home address so we can send her lots of spam and letters.


  7. This post is just one example of why you will be an amazing parent. BTW, my son was playing with his friend who has two Mommies.
    She asked him how many Moms he had. He replied one. She looked at him with pity and told him he could share hers if he wanted.

  8. Well said. Very well said. You handled it better than I would’ve.

  9. Good for you! Well said.

  10. Way to go sistergirl!

  11. And to further drive home your point.


  12. Very well said. I think it’s so hard to respond to such stupidity with rational argument. My first instinct is also anger.
    This “troll” will live his/her life in this hateful pit and you will have a child and raise him or her in a wonderful environment, open and loving, in a family that knows what acceptance and peace really is. Every kid should be so lucky.

  13. well said

  14. Wow. Very nice response.
    Love beats out hate every time!

  15. Well said and with an amazing amount of restraint. Why do hateful people have to go out of their way to try to hurt someone they don’t even know? So you don’t like what you’re reading? Then don’t read it. Ugh. Pisses me off. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. How can you wish no children on anyone who really really wants them? That’s just cruel and it pisses me off. (sorry for the small rant)

  16. Bravo!

  17. You are SUCH a bigger person than i. But way to go–i admire your resolve.

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