Well, that was upsetting

July 30, 2007

Name: 07666 | E-mail: 07666@yahoo.com | IP: | Date: July 28, 2007

So you have been trying for 2 years to gt pregnant and it has not happened yet, do you think it could be becuase two fags living together in a pretend family situation is not the place God wants to put a kid.
I hope you go another 20 years without a kid of your own!

It’s been a wonderful evening, all told. S’s flights all got cancelled, she’s sleeping at a faraway airport, and won’t be home till tomorrow. And then I got that lovelyness, from an ISP that’s referencing my hometown, but I don’t think is actually coming from there. I’m not that savvy. Maybe one of you is. Lovely, just lovely.

Honestly? My first hate comment was much more upsetting than I expected.

Fuck you, asshat.

PS: We’re DYKES, motherfucker.


  1. what I wouldn’t do for enough computer knowledge to send every computer disaster their way!

    I am so sorry that happened

  2. Don’t you just love the idiots who preach love turn out to be the biggest asshole bigots of all?! Don’t them get you down, you have come to far!

  3. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

    Only great unhappiness breeds this kind of cruelty. Spend a moment being grateful for your dear partner and beautiful life and that you don’t feel the need to go around spewing hate.

    Wishing you healing and all good things tonight.

  4. Wow, I mean, it just never gets old, does it. Glad that the anonymous poster is so full of love for her fellow human that she spews such venom. Takes a strong person to do that on the cloak of anonymity. /sarcasm

  5. Fuck them.

    So two women who love each other and have a stable environment are not ok to raise kids, but God’s ok with giving kids to teenagers who throw them in dumpsters or abusers or crack addicts?

    Pretty presumptuous to know what God wants wouldn’t you say?

  6. I’m with Melody (or Margaret Atwood, whichever). On both points, the Latin pick-me-up and the observation that the worst thing about a person who’d write such stuff is waking up and being said person every day. Alas. Sorry you got splattered with it.

  7. Oooh, tell them to go fuck themselves twice and see if that helps.

    God clearly wants more hate-filled breeders filling up the world, right?

    Nice to ‘meet’ you 😉 I’m Rebecca

  8. The IP address is via OptOnline in Freehold, which is a major internet service provider for northern NJ. Based on that, and the name/email, it’s probably someone from Teaneck and certainly someone in NJ.

    I’ve searched my own blog, and never gotten a comment from , so I can’t provide any more info (thankfully, to tell the truth — I wouldn’t want to think a mutual friend would be so hateful).

    Maybe they found you by Googling for something like this? http://littlestpea.com/?p=334

    Anyhow, welcome to the wonderful world of blog comments.

    And now you have someone to dedicate the post to, when you give birth to your first child. 🙂

  9. So hateful and so wrong.I’m sorry you had to get such a horrible email on such a horrible day.

    A skinhead I knew once left me a handwritten hate message. It hurt. But I did take satisfaction in the fact that he misspelled the word dyke. I think he spelled it “dike.” Just goes to show how deep the ignorance goes sometimes.

  10. fucker! you know we all love you and want you to have a baby more than anything! screw that person.

  11. EW!
    Mean people suck.

    Hope S is back safely- huge suckage on having to sleep in an airport.

    And seriously- shake the comment off. Just imagine what a sad, empty life that guy has. I seriously doubt he has a clue what God wants.

    thinking of you.

  12. I would be a puddle over that comment. The person in Teaneck who wrote that obviously thinks he or she knows what God wants. I think that every time I have suffered, I have become a stronger person. I know that I need to be strong to stand up to people like that and to protect my child (that’s right my child…whom God saw fit to place in my gay gay gay family) from them. To the commenter, who I am sure has returned to the scene of the crime: My sister lives in Teaneck. Perhaps the next time my big gay family comes to your town, we’ll blow you some big gay kisses and thank God that we are not you.

  13. Fuck and him and we love you! I can’t wait to attend you guys babyshower!! Yes, I am flying cross country for it!

  14. I’m sorry. That sucks. But there are enough children-o’-gays around to make a Big Gay Army to kick some Stupid Ignorant Ass.

  15. Asshat and Fucker indeed.

    Ignorance such as this really ticks me off. Why is it the god loving folks who are the most hateful?

  16. Spiteful, hatefilled fucker!

  17. For those of us who are truly God fearing/loving people, sorry that your annonymous commenter had to open his/her mouth and be so hurtful.

    Take care!!

  18. Wow. That’s pretty hateful.

    But clearly this person doesn’t have a clue about where God “wants” to put babies.

    Give me a break.

    It’s just small minded thinking and it’s not even logical. And it’s mean.

    I’m not very coherent here. But you know what I mean.

  19. What a pathetic little twerp. Sheesh

  20. That’s an ugly message. I’m so sorry you got such a hateful comment.

  21. Ugh. Just ugh. I’m so sorry you got that comment.

  22. I am sorry that someone wrote that to you. That’s really hideous.

  23. Hugs to both of you. And also, what everyone else said.

  24. Dude. That guy is sooooo gay. For realz. How upsetting. Especially whilst alone in your apartment. Yuck. I’m sending you lots of love and support to counter that assiness.

  25. Just like Ted H@ggard, the ones who fight against gays the hardest are really fighting the “demons” inside themselves. Self-loathing and jealousy produce the most passionate hate. This is a good time to remember how wonderful it feels to live strong, confident and without shame and to feel sorry for those with so much hate inside. (I’m a frequent lurker but just had to comment on this).

  26. don’t even give it a second thought.
    its not even worth getting upset about.

  27. Holy m*other f*cker assh*le! That is terrible! i am so sorry you received that. Good for you for posting his/her stats.
    How lame must someone’s life be for them to spend time harassing someone on a website that has nothing to do with them at all?

  28. I have found myself taking time I don’t have lately, usually in the middle of the night, to read strangers’ comments on news articles and book reviews (harry potter) published on the internet. What I have discovered is that there is always one commenter who has so little life that he or she has to make the comments a big nasty discussion board full of meanness and negativity. Sounds like one of those people found you, and I’m sorry. To him/her I say: get thee to a Lindsay Lohan article and leave the nice girls alone!

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