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Well, that was upsetting

July 30, 2007

Name: 07666 | E-mail: | IP: | Date: July 28, 2007

So you have been trying for 2 years to gt pregnant and it has not happened yet, do you think it could be becuase two fags living together in a pretend family situation is not the place God wants to put a kid.
I hope you go another 20 years without a kid of your own!

It’s been a wonderful evening, all told. S’s flights all got cancelled, she’s sleeping at a faraway airport, and won’t be home till tomorrow. And then I got that lovelyness, from an ISP that’s referencing my hometown, but I don’t think is actually coming from there. I’m not that savvy. Maybe one of you is. Lovely, just lovely.

Honestly? My first hate comment was much more upsetting than I expected.

Fuck you, asshat.

PS: We’re DYKES, motherfucker.