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new favorite band of the week

July 26, 2007

While S is away I’ve kind of loaded up my schedule with lots of fun events in hopes that I might miss her less. In reality I’m having a great time doing “my thing,” but really wish that she was with me as well. Case in point: Last night I ventured out on a school night to go to a rock show. This is somewhat uncharacteristic, however I’d heard (and read) SO much hype about this so called “androgynous/queer band” that I couldn’t not go. 

The Toronto based group The Cliks played the Space Gallery last night, here in Portland.  The first thing that came to mind when they started their set was, “oh my, these guys are rock stars.” And they were. All beautiful and incredibly talented, and while most that I was with had an immediate crush on frontman Lucas Silveira, I will admit that I was very quickly drawn to bassist Jen Benton.  But let me get over how hot this band is and move on to the music.

From the second they stepped on to the stage it was non-stop energy for all of their hour long set.  They ripped through some of their older songs, but mostly played from their new relase, Snakehouse.  Silveira’s voice is so so smooth yet has amazing power and reach for dirty, raw, hard pounding, rock and roll, but slips effortlessly into (well, also kind of hard) their more ballad-like songs. I hate doing comparisons, but people seem to want to know what others sound “like,” so….I’d say he has  a louder Michelle Malone type sound going on.  But with like, a bangin rock band behind the voice. It’s a great combination.

I will admit that before I fell in love with Silveira’s voice I was already impressed with the talent and the tightness of the band.  Guitar, bass, drums – these guys know their stuff and they work very very well together to create a very cohesive rock and roll sound. My two favorites of the evening? Their cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” is really good (and at this show they kind of morphed it into Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.”  It was brilliant) and “Oh Yeah” from the new album is just…a great rock song.

If you’re a rock fan, I highly recommend my new favorite band of the week, The Cliks.  If they come to your town they’re totally worth the ticket price (which was wicked cheap here) for a rockin’ night of music.  After the show they hung out for a bit, signing stuff and selling records. They were totally gracious and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. It helps that I think they thought they would be playing to 4 people, and there was a pretty nice sized crowd eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Uhm…did I also mention they’re totally hot? So at least if you don’t like the music, there is something good to look at. Yes. I know, bad j. Stop it with the objectification of queers. But really. How often do I have the chance to do that up close and in person??