July 23, 2007

I am now one of those people who has done something incredibly stupid, like dive into a swimming pool with their cell phone in their pocket. Yep. It’s air drying now. Hopefully, it will work later tomorrow. If not, expensive dumb mistake. Also, incredibly poor timing as S leaves on a week long “gay camp” experience on a college campus far far away. Gah.

In other news, I HAVE finished HP7. I will not discuss here, because I don’t know how to hide behind breaks, I will not spoil anything for anyone. I will say that this is the BEST HP books in the series. Way to go, J.K., way to go.

Also, don’t spoil in comments either. but like, can we decide on a date where we can start talking? Because uh, there’s some stuff I need to process.


  1. You finished HP7 already!?!? Nice job.

    BTW – I jumped into a pool (actually was thrown) with a cell phone in my pocket. I thought I was so smart by immediately removing the battery and letting the inside dry out. Guess what!? Didn’t work. LOL. Hope it’s not an iPhone!

  2. I finished it late Saturday night and I agree, definitely the best of the series. And I want to know when we can talk about it too.

  3. Good luck with the phone. My niece dropped her cell phone in the tub a couple of weeks ago and I needed to get it replaced – it was a pretty hopeless situation. It just kept blinking the Verizon logo when we tried to turn it on.

  4. My husband went swimming with our car keys yesterday and now the remote entry doesn’t work. I’m still reading, about a third of the way through it, but I should be done in another day or two.

  5. finishing my reread of book 6 & hope to be done with #7 by the end of the week. I know I am S L O W…but I’m super excited after hearing how satisfying a read it will be.

  6. i kinda feel bad about the pool thing. 😦

  7. My son jumped into Range pond last weekend with not only the cell in his pocket, but also his ipod. Urgh!
    Can you replace the phone real quick, so you can still be reachable for when S is gone?

  8. How about the end of the week for discussion?

  9. sorry about your phone.
    i want to go to gay camp!

  10. Just make sure you make it very clear before you’re about to embark on a hp7 post so the rest of us can all avert our eyes!! we’re each re-reading the entire series before committing to reading the last, so it’ll be a while for us!

  11. Sorry about the phone. We accidently washed the DISH TV remote in the washer over the weekend. Doh!

  12. Why don’t you do the HP post as a password-protected post? That way, folks who are ready to discuss can do so without fear of spoiling things for others? Just a thought.

    Sorry about the cell phone.

  13. I am a bit more than halfway done. I would normally have finished by the end of the weekend, as I am a speed-demon-reader, but I am just huge and exhausted and every time I sit down to read I fall asleep. But another few days, I should think, and I will be done. We will have to find a place to process all together (IVP chat?).

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