July 16, 2007

Or rather, the trials and tribulations of living on the water.  I WOULD have made it to work on time this morning had the drawbridge not had other plans for me.  I have been riding my bike to work every dry day so far this summer (because it’s a way to get an hour of excersize AND be a good eco-citizen) and in order to do so I must take this bridge. Blast.



  1. You must have been just ahead of me. I hit the bridge just as it was coming down 🙂

  2. wait- you ride your bike to work EVERY MORNING?! seriously- serious “you rawk”.
    cool photo.

  3. Riding the bike to work? Aren’t we an overachiever!! LOL!
    At least you have photographic evidence of what caused your tardiness!!

  4. Missing work is never bad. Especially if you have a “not my fault” reason.

    Good for you and your eco-friendly habits!

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