You should be outside!!

July 14, 2007

I am.

A 4 day weekend is my excuse for being absent. Lucky me, I’ve picked perhaps the 4 most beautiful summer days so far.

Things “accomplished?”

Sleeping in
Seeing movies (HP5, Ratatouille, and tomorrow, Transformers)
Spenidng time in pool halls
Playing games outside
Eating out
Got my knives sharpened (which makes me seriously happy)
Walking downtown
Window shopping
Farmer’s Marketing
Spending good time with friends
Spending good time with each other
Not worrying about starting our IVF cycle

Today? Plans to go strawberry picking are in the works, and perhaps some swimming in the afternoon.

Life is good, eh?



  1. knife sharpening is seriously happy-making. the day the italian brothers who sharpened knives for our restaurant (come to find out, it was *every* restaurant in SoPo) brought the new ones in and took away the dull ones was my prep cook day, and it was like Christmas. um, on a much smaller scale, of course.
    yay for outside stuff, wandering, and MOVIES!!!

  2. There’s a knife-sharpening guy who drives a red truck around our neighborhood and rings a bell. Very old school. I should try it.

  3. Niiiiiiice. How was Ratatouie?

  4. Man, how I love having sharp knives. I have the Furi knives and got their sharpening system for Christmas and it rocks my world. I could shave my hoo-ha with those suckers when they’re freshly done (if I was so inclined)!

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