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The stuff legends are made of

July 9, 2007

The image above is kind of famous around these parts. It is prominently displayed on the menu of a favorite local eatery/watering hole, and often times people will ponder over the sign’s exact location (we eat there a lot.)  Being as no one has ever jumped up and said “it is located…here!!” I pretty much figured that it would not be something I would ever get to see in person.

Luckily for me, I made a slight wrong turn on our camp adventure on Saturday and lo and behold, we found “THE Maine foreign locations” sign.  Yes, these are all real names of real Maine towns.  I always find it funny when the local news talks about events happening in these “distant” locations.

I also thought it funny when I heard a radio advertisement for all of the AWESOME things happening in the L.A. area. When I questioned S as to why we were getting radio ads for a city in California, she informed me that the region in question was actually Lewiston / Auburn. The “twin cities” slogan is “It’s happening here!”  Trust me, it isn’t. It’s  nothing like the Minneapolis/St. Paul twin cities, and even less like it’s Californian namesake.

Though they do have a minor league hockey team and a 24 hour Dennys. That’s hot.(I can almost FEEL the hate comments already from the militant L/A’ers.)

As much as I don’t think there’s too much happening in L/A,  I will continue to admit that my favorite gay bar ever is located within the city limits of Lewiston.

I”ve digressed from my real excitement about finding “the” sign. Mostly, my companions in the journey thought it was really funny that I was so excited about finding it, and voted me the one to get out of the car and photograph it. But really. It was exciting.

And if you have something good to barter, I MAY tell you where it is:)