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gotta live my life like I aint got nothin’ but this roll of the dice

July 3, 2007

I know that I haven’t posted about baby stuff in forever – but there’s good reason for that. Things have not been…stable in baby making land for the past week or so.  Without going into full details, basically, something we wanted very much was no longer available to us causing turmoil and tears and pretty emotional breakdowns.

When the dust settled and things calmed down a bit, S and I did some serious heart to heart talking and we have decided (once again) that it’s only money, and the outcome far outweighs the risk…so we’re going for it. One IVF cycle at a time.

We’re starting this cycle.

Which began Saturday.

I took my first birth control pill last night.

I’m a dyke on birth control.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I find this to be hysterically funny.

I should once again mention that I think that I have the best wife in the entire world. For true.