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i’m more impressionable when my cement is wet

June 28, 2007

Though it didn’t take alcohol to get me to slag off work this afternoon and go here:

ordinary afternoon

The 20 year old a/c in the office in the poorly insulated, practically non-ventilated, steel building I work in just couldn’t keep up with the 98 degree weather so…I had to go. It was like sitting on my Aunt Nancy’s couch. You know, the one covered in that plasticy shit. Hot and sticky and not very comfy.

The beach was gorgeous today, and the water was 65 degrees. It doesn’t usually get that warm till mid-July if lucky, so we totally took advantage of this great opportunity to catch some waves and play in the sand.

What are YOU doing to keep cool? (Or if you’re in a different hemisphere, what are you doing to stay warm?)


And now with visual evidence

June 26, 2007

So, the rodeo. Actually it was PBR. We thought that this meant that Pabst Blue Ribbon was hosting the event, but really it stands for “Professional Bull Riding.” It was….an experience. Watching some of the more talented bull riders was fascinating. It also was fairly clear from the get-go that ANY of them could have a really bad ride. It didn’t look fake or staged, and there were a few really scary moments when bulls were kind of…jumping on cowboys. It was very macho and testosterone filled, but there were a LOT of female fans.

Speaking of the female fans, the BIG down moment of the event was at the intermission, where the rodeo clowns held a “banana eating” contest, using two male and one female audience members as participants. They blindfolded the contestants, but then took the blindfolds off the two men, and had them leave the ring while they then had this young woman eat a banana as fast as she could. They then said it was a tie, and that they would have to eat another banana. Yet another tie. So now they have to eat their last banana, and do a dance. Except there is no “they,” it’s just her. And there is tremendous applause through all of this. What the fuck? We (meaning me and S and our friends) were fairly mortified, but also fairly certian that we were the only ones taking offense to this, because hey, sexism is funny.

Anyway, the bull riding part was interesting (I saw the bull pens behind the ring, they were large, clean and looked well maintained. I think the handlers showed real respect for the animals but I’m always wary of animal treatment type stuff at events like this) and I took a couple of videos:

This cowboy ALMOST makes 8 seconds

This one? Not even close, though I think the cowboy is from New Jersey (yes, a NJ cowboy)


in review

June 25, 2007

This weekend was SO amazing. We had a great time with our friends. Lemme just break down the highlights:
1-    Spending couch time w/ S watching movies
2-    RODEO!!!
3-    Dressing “up” for said RODEO!!!
4-    Late night Apples to Apples
5-    Brunch with lovely people
6-    Swimming all afternoon  
7-    Mexican food and kick-ass margaritas

8- An awesome New Yorker sent me an incredible package

9- A close softball game (we ALMOST tied it in the 7th)

10- Ice cream with great friends and adorable babies


All of this activity and excitement managed to mostly take my mind off of the fact that really creepy people are sending vaguely threatening emails to my wife. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to upload video – my attempts aren’t working yet, but hopefully soon, you’ll get to see video evidence of my weekend!




June 22, 2007

I hate doing it but, it had to be done

If you need a password, email me at

thelittlestpea at gmail dot com.


Protected: Protected: The personal is political…again

June 22, 2007

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she does in fact have a hot ass

June 21, 2007

The winner is Ms. Prufrock!! With Holly coming in a close second, as the “LHOOQ” reference DOES in fact have something to do with the Mona Lisa. 

 In 1919, one of my favorite artists, Marcel Duchamp took a cheap reproduction copy of the Mona Lisa, added a mustache and a goatee, and the letters “LHOOQ” at the bottom.  At this period of time his work was focused around what he termed “readymades,” – a kind of forerunner of “found art,” if you will.

Duchamp was very interested in the relationship of artist/viewer and one’s interpretation of this piece is no exception to his interest. One could say that in English, the letters sort of sound like the word “look,” which fits, but even more clever, if the letters are said aloud in French, they read “Elle a chaud au cul,” which roughly translates into “She has a hot ass.”

Which I think would be a TERRIFIC license plate, even if only 5 people ever “got” it. 

I don’t even want to start imagining the google hits I’m going to get after posting a title like that. All in the name of educating you, my dear readers. That’s how much you all mean to me.


this could so be mine

June 20, 2007

Once upon a time ago I wrote about how yes, I have a vainity license plate on my vehicle. Vanity plates are really common in Maine, I think because it’s so inexpensive to get/maintain one.

Last night while enjoying an after dinner ice cream cone (Beals) and a stroll along the wharves of Commercial Street, we spotted this plate on a car in the DeMillo’s parking lot.  How freaking awesome of a plate is that!!!???!!!

I actually really like my vanity plate though I think that I may have to change it after we have kids, as it is somewhat suggestive and certianly not appropriate for a family car. Heh. 

There are maybe seven (ok, probably more) people who would “get” my next idea for a vanity plate, but I’ll let you guys play the game. My next plate will read “LHOOQ”

Any guesses?  No Googleing!!