planet earth is blue and there’s nothing i can do

May 18, 2007

It’s been a long week, friends.  It has felt long mostly because I’m battling an upper respiratory plague – sore throat, stuffed nose, clogged ears. I have been enjoying Alka-Seltzer,  sugar free cough drops, and I have almost od’d on “Throat Coat” tea.  I was skeptical about the tea because S sometimes drinks one of their teas when she feels an asthma attack coming on and it smells like ramen noodles. She says it tastes like that too, so I didn’t have high hopes for this tea, but licorice is the prevailing flavor, and as I love all things licorice/anise, I quite enjoy it. Seems to work too. Score. Also, a local company here makes these frozen tea pops, which are also lovely and quite enjoyable when one has a sore throat (also good when one is not ill.) Yummy remedies.

It’s also been a long week because friends are going through some horrible crap right now, and I wish anything for them not to be. It’s weird, this internet….in the way it brings people together.  Clear across the country these women who are new in my life could potentially have the worst day ever – and there’s nothing I can do except offer words, which feel small and meaningless. I will leave it at that and move on to something else…

I’ve been keeping this pretty close to my vest but…..S and I have an IVF consult on Monday. I think we’ve decided to jump in with both feet, finances and everything else, be damned.  We’re excited because it’s progress, but scared and sad because it feels like a significant phase of our family expansion plan is ending.  

But here’s what I need from you, IVP(tm)  and beyond! I know you vet (and maybe not so vet) IVF’ers can help.  What questions should we be asking. What should we ask to know about the blood work they did on cd3 for all of the IUI cycles last summer/fall? What does this stuff mean? Remember, you’re talking to the non-charter, the non FF’er, basically, I know when I start, stop, and ovulate.  So, what do I need to know? What kind of “percentages” questions do I ask about results? Should I ask her opinion of a injectable cycle before actually jumping to IVF? What policies should I ask about?

Seriously folks. Gimme the scoop. What questions do you wish you asked at your consults. What questions are you going to ask me when I return? What should I expect??

As always, all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  1. Hey J. You’re, as always, welcome to call with any questions or concerns. We’re cheering you on and hoping for the best. It may be easier to talk through all of this than post on your blog. We’re around this weekend, and will we see you and S on Saturday for K’s party? Thinking of you, Rhi

  2. fuck. I hate that you are still under the weather. Hurry up & get well so it doesn’t eff up your weekend.
    I’ll send you a link to some great questions to ask.

  3. OK. If I had it to do all over again, I would have done 4 IUI’s max before moving on. Maybe done an injectible IUI if the doctor saw egg issues. Good for you for moving forward. In my many discussions with my fertility support group, the biggest difference between clincis is the lab where they make and freeze the embryos. At minimum ask how long the ebryologist has been there, where they trained, that sort of thing. I would also ask for a recurrent miscarriage panel. I know you have not had a miscarriage, but why go through one to find out you had clotting issues that could be taken care of with medication. Most of the long timers talk about this. Find out about guarentee cycles, know that there are whole financial companies that deal with it, like ARC, which is what we used. Some clincis offer one free if you buy two, or half priced the second one if you did not get pregnant from the first. Do not be afraid to negotiate, ask if they can give you a better deal. Online medications tend to be cheaper in my experience. As far as blood work, this is where time slows down. You will undergo CD3 tests, mock trail test, the whole enchilada. IVF takes longer, they are very thorough and will cancel cycles if you are not looking great. Which they should, since it is so expensive! Well, that is all the discombobulated stuff I can think of, I will post your question on my fertility support group board and see what shakes out. I am excited for you guys!

  4. Good luck on Monday.

  5. Good luck today!

    If it were me, I would give an injectibles cycle a try. LOTS of people get PG on injectibles who don’t get PG in other ways. And hey, what’s another month when you’ve been working this hard, right?

    And then dive right in and don’t look back. The odds are a LOT higher for sure.

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