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Vacation finale

May 14, 2007

Last vacation post, promise.

On Thursday, we were supposed to take a driving tour of wine country but…the weather wasn’t all that great and so we decided not to go. We went shopping instead. We started at Nordstrom, where S was treated like a pretty pretty princess, and I think she may have had the best shopping experience ever. I mean, yeah, she can find ok stuff at the L&B (Thanks Cali) but this was a totally new shopping experience.  Salespeople were tripping over themselves to take her choices to a changing room, and were putting complementing items with them. The best part? EVERYTHING fit. Or was TOO big. Amazing. She ended up buying a sundress, a top, a evening dress (beautiful – and pics on Flickr to come) and a sweater.  It was a fun fun afternoon spree.

I have never spent more that $35 on a pair of jeans before. I have always maintained that when you bought expensive jeans, all you were buying was a label, and that the jeans were exactly the same. So for giggles, I tried on a pair of Lucky brand jeans. And a whole new jeans wearing world was opened up to me. They felt SOOOOO good. Even better, they looked amazing. There were no “issues” that I usually have with jeans. They just…fit. Really well. And I hated to admit it, but these expensive jeans were totally more than a label.  And even knowing all that – I was willing (and ready) to walk away from them.  It took S to convince me that I had to have them (she later confessed that she wasn’t letting me leave the store w/o them) and that we may not be so able to be frivolous with money for much longer so I should do it now. So I did. And they are my new favorite jeans, ever. 

We had some pretty incredible Korean BBQ for dinner – we shared one plate of food, and it was totally more than enough for both of us – and was healthy, and cost less than 9 dollars. In fact it totally struck me that it seemed that there were so many more healthy (or healthier) fast food options in California. I wish it was like that here.

On Friday we strolled the Castro one last time, and I took S to my old neighborhood, Bernal Heights, where at one point in time I was working at 4 different jobs all on Cortland. Not to mention going to school full time. And working on campus. I don’t think I have that kind of hustle in me anymore. We took our hosts out to a fancy pants dinner that evening, and ended up having a drink in the bar in which “I came of age,” Wild Side West.  It was a great night, and we SO didn’t want to leave the next day.

But we did, and we’re home, and we were so grateful to have the ability to spend that much time with each other, in such a great vacation location. Thanks again to M and K, our wonderful hosts……uh….can we come back soon???