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Vacation, Part 1

May 7, 2007

First off, we had an amazing time.  Being away, having great weather, good friends, good times, and really enjoying just being with each other was really really good for us.  There was not a single moment of discontent this entire trip – not even a packing squabble. Which is par for the course in our relationship but still amazes me nonetheless.

We arrived in San Francisco around lunchtime on Saturday. We were picked up by our friend M, and taken back to their gorgeous apartment in the Richmond district (north of Golden Gate Park,) and then we went to visit M’s partner and former Mainer, K while she was at work. K works at a….well, lets call it a leather supply store, and leave it at that. I will say that their store was recently bought out by larger…outfit, and they were having a HUGE sale on pretty much everything.  Much restraint (hahahaha) was used and very little was purchased.  I must admit that it was kind of hard to walk out of the store mostly empty handed.

We left K at work, and went to Pancho Villa Taqueria on 16th street in the Mission District for what I think are the BEST burritos in the entire world. For reals folks, these things are amazing, and huge, which is good because due to dumb airline food restrictions and late flights meaning quick layovers, we hadn’t really eaten since breakfast. S agreed with me.  She’s now experienced a “mission burrito” and everything else will now pale in comparison.  She will now understand my anguish whenever I try to get excited about a burrito here, and I am sorely disappointed every time.  

With full bellies, we headed for Castro Street, the heart of gay San Francisco. Seriously, I could spend hours just watching the leather daddies walk by. Uh…yeah, back to the vacation.  We did the touristy in and out of stores thing for a little while (I almost spent a ridiculous amount of money on a single pair of boxer shorts. Again, restraint,) until we started to get really tired.  I will admit that on our first day there, within 4 hours of being in the city, my mind went to the “why the heck did I ever leave here??” place. It kinda stayed all week. It’s just that kind of a place for me.  We headed back to our friends place and were dead to the world by around 8pm.

After a good nights sleep, (and a bit of a morning sleep, too) we were ready to attack the world. Luckily for us, the lovely Charlotte and her wife S, and adorable (sometimes, you meet a kid and they aren’t so adorable, but you say they are because really, you can’t call a kid ugly. Take my word for it, LM is one of the cutest, most adorable, smart, and FUNNY kids, ever. Ever.) son LM were willing to ferry us across the Golden Gate Bridge for a picnic in Muir Woods.  Seriously folks, you’ve not seen happy until you’ve seen a 2 year old play with a banana slug.

We spent a good part of the afternoon in the park, enjoying the redwoods and the crawfish and….the beauty of it all.  (Yes. It’s a dirty tree. I know.  It’s me, what do you expect? )And spent some really good time kind of just getting to know each other better. Turns out we really like their family a whole lot, (which was not a surprise, but still, I get nervous meeting new people) and were thankful for the day we spent with them, which didn’t end after the park, but after a noodle dinner and a Nutella gelato waffle cone dessert.  Again, we passed out pretty much as soon as we returned to M and K’s house.

Ok, enough for today, tomorrow will bring you the continuation of SF Vacation!! Teasers? Melting freeways, free rides, and MORRISSEY!