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Macabre talk

April 24, 2007

For as long as we’ve been together, S and I have been pretty big fans of the show CSI. We own a lot of the seasons on DVD, and often watch our favorite episodes (our favorites are the ones that have Lady Heather in them) over and over.

Sometimes, when we watch, we’ll say sweet little things to each other like, “honey, please don’t kill me, and then shove me into a trunk, and when my whole body doesn’t fit, please don’t chop my head off,” or “love, please don’t shoot me and then leave me to die in the woods where wild animals will eat me.” Lovelyl conversations, I know, but whatever, they seem to pop out of our mouth when we figure out what the whole story is.

With the advent of our few cable tv channels, this type of conversation has escalated a bit, being as one of the networks (Oxygen) seems to devote itself to hour long shows about women who kill their husbands/partners. After watching yet another commercial for one of these shows, I said to S, “please don’t hack me up in the living room and then put me in the dryer.” She responded, “I probably wouldn’t do it that way – that sounds really messy.” To which I replied “oh yeah, we’ve already ascertained that you’re not so good at the cleaning thing.”

She said, “exactly. I’ll have to find a neater way.”