self satisfaction

April 23, 2007

The tell tale ring of orange dirt around my ankles that says “I’ve been playing softball” means one thing: Spring really is here.

Today was my first practice and I had a ton of fun. The weather was beautiful and it was awesome to be outside. I’m better in the field than I remembered, and all of the practice swings I’ve taken at the cages over the last few weeks well – besides getting my swing back – were kind of pointles, only because this is a slow pitch, high arcing type league, and I’ve never hit that kind of pitch before. I guess I’m just going to have to learn patience (ha) and wait for the pitch to actually reach me.

Also, for whatever reason, I was really missing my dad today. I decided to channel my inner Sicilian man and made one of his favorite easy dinners, sausage and peppers. I even threw on a Guinea T and boxer shorts while cooking to make it “more authentic” – in my head, anyway. And it was delicious. When I was a kid he would make this meal and serve it with pasta and crusty bread, and I remember digging out the inside of the pieces of bread and making little spaghetti, sausage and pepper sandwiches. It was as delicious tonight as it was all those years ago.


  1. it’s kind of amazing that we can be reunited with people through food. I have a similar connection to tomato sandwiches and memories of my Grandfather. pretty powerful stuff.

  2. good times.

  3. I do that when I miss my father also. It works wonders for me too.

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