it feels like years since it’s been here

April 19, 2007

This morning it was really hard for me to hide my smile when I peeked out the window at the glorious sunshine coming back in through the rain stained glass. I think, for real this time, that the spring has sprung here in New England, and I’m hoping that we can put heavy coats, gloves, and window scrapers away for the season.

If you were not already aware, earlier this week, we celebrated (well, Maine and Mass, anyway) the big “Patriot’s Day Nor’easter.”  Thank goodness the storm of the century fell on a holiday, because otherwise, all of the news outfits wouldn’t have had anything clever to call it!  In all seriousness, the storm was pretty horrible, with HUGE trees ripped from the earth and deposited on their sides like fallen dominoes are everywhere, and there are STILL people in the city without power.  S and I were lucky, we only lost power for an instant (and I wasn’t home for it,) and had a tiny bit of water coming into our dining room through the window, which S cleverly rigged cups to catch.  You almost can’t blame the house for letting some water in either, it was an onslaught that lasted for almost 4 days.  Pretty powerful and incredible stuff, I tell you.

I will admit that admiring the wrath of mother nature has once again put me in that place of both wonderment and fear, and reminds me that our efforts to keep things in balance by being good to “her,” are vital to our existence.

Yep. Consider that my pre-Earth day, Earth day post. Happy Thursday.


  1. amen sistah! when the sun awoke me this morning, i swear i heard the heavens sing. there’s a definite bounce in my step now that the chance of us losing power (again & again & again) has decreased to almost nothing. enjoy such a sunny, springy day. i hear that this weekend is supposed to be so gorgeous that it will knock our socks off. (see how much we appreciate good weather here in new england?)

  2. Amen! I want to put my flippin’ wool coat away and take the ice scraper/snow brush out of my Sexy Rexy!

  3. Gaia is great.
    She plays with us.

  4. you know it was me…I sent you all that sunshine! Just hoping you guys will send me some rain.

    * and thanks…now I am going to have that song in my head all day long!

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