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March 30, 2007

Nothing beats spending money for getting one out of a funk.

J and S will hit the west coast for vacation. Woo Hoo!!!


The last time we took a vacation was our honeymoon in 2005, where it rained every minute of every day except for 3 little minutes on the Wednesday, where we could almost see sun poking through the gloom and doom.  We still had a great time, but it’ll be nice if our California destination manages to stay sunny, and 70 degrees – as it should be:)




March 29, 2007

The world didn’t end because I turned 30.  I really didn’t think it would.  I will admit that this was the first birthday that I wasn’t really excited or…happy about.  It was kind of a subdued day, peppered with joyous phone calls and emails from family and friends.  And some lovely moments spent with S, not doing much of anything.

The Good:

1: S sent me flowers at work. No woman other than my mom has ever gotten me flowers before. They are lovely and still making me smile.

2: Instead of going to fancy place for dinner, we stayed home and made blintzes and watched a movie.

3: S made me a new insert for my coffee mug which has a “Peeps” background and my name on it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE “Peeps?”

4: I have not blogged about this yet, but I am playing organized softball this spring, on a team sponsored by a local gay bar.  My friends and I have been ramping up our workouts and also hitting at the batting cages a few times a week.  Yesterday I bought an equipment bag to hold my glove, bat, and cleats. Yes, I have cleats. I love cleats. I haven’t had cleats since I was in high school. Did I mention that I love cleats?

5: My co-workers got me a whoopie-pie cake. The small piece I had was lovely.

6: We have decided to bite the bullet and pay for internet acess at home.  S has also managed to talk me into “Lifeline” cable, which gives us about 10 local channels, clear, and without having to adjust rabbit ears when we’d like to change channels.

The Bad:

1: “Another Gay Movie” – Think “American Pie” but with gay teenagers. But grosser and with more nudity.  It was awful.

2: My 30 year old, unused for 10 years softball muscles are taking their sweet time recovering from being put through their paces.  Hot showers have been my friend.

3: We have decided to bite the bullet and pay for internet acess at home.  S has also managed to talk me into “Lifeline” cable, which gives us about 10 local channels, clear, and without having to adjust rabbit ears when we’d like to change channels.

The Ugly:

1: Because my body likes to throw flies into the ointment, it appears that for the first time in 5 months, I didn’t ovulate on schedule – or at all. Not sure.  The result? Two very pointless inseminations, one of which was yesterday. Oh well. I mean, we decided that this would be a non medicated, no stress, simple birthday insem, but man, it still stings. It would have been very nice to at least have had the timing right on that one.  Oh well, $700 up the hoo ha, for nothing. That is really really ugly.



March 26, 2007

So, the sushi/samba party was a HUGE success. Seriously. I mean, I don’t remember some of the evening but I really really think it went well.  Now that I’ve had a full day to recover, and sufficiently flush enough water through my very toxic system, I can show you all the sushi. First let me give huge thanks to A who helped with the cake, and of course S (whose birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday love!) who helped make the “real” sushi.

Here’s a board of the real sushi that we made – all vegetarian – carrots, asparagus, cucumber, and avocado. 

Back to the cake. It’s not often that I have a completly crazy idea and then it actually works and looks BETTER than I had even imagined it. But it did, and I think people will be talking about these cakes for a while. They tasted as good as they looked.


Seriously, the party was fantastic, many people came and I think everyone had a great time. Yes, I probably had one (ok, maybe two) many caipirinhas, but they were tasty, and really we all had a blast – especially me and S who feel totally loved and indulged by our friends.


don’tcha think?

March 22, 2007

Back at work after NOT going in, at all, during the time I was supposed to be in Florida.

First thing I’m told? Hated Officemate tells me “Oh, I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow! I’ll be back next week.”  In the words of my friend Alanis, “isn’t it ironic?” Though, HO will be gone for my birthday, which is sort of a gift.

In happier news, yesterday I held my new “niece,” A.  She is 10 weeks old and her moms brought her home last weekend. She is freaking adorable. Seriously. She stayed happily in my arms for a few hours and was, well, perfect. For them,  I hope she stays that way.

Also, this weekend is our birthday party! S’s birthday is on Monday of next week, and mine is on Wednesday. We usually have a themed party to celebrate, and this year we are doing “Sushi/Samba.” I’m making all the sushi (no raw fish) and my friend A is going to help me make little cakes that look like sushi.  I may have mentioned all of this before but hello people, I’ve got to be excited about something! Yes, there will be photos.

Wanna come?


you better hang on to yourself

March 19, 2007

So. Yeah. My trip to Florida was over before it started – neither my mother or I could get out of our respective airports on Saturday, and the earliest they’d be able to get us to Florida was Tuesday ish, maybe, so…no trip.

I really really really needed to get away. If I was the kind of person who had breakdown’s I might have had one on Saturday afternoon.

I couldn’t manage to go to work today so I didn’t. And I found out that due to construction work by the city, the plant will have no water tomorrow and so it is closed too. And so I use another vacation day for nothing. Which annoys me, but whatever. I can just veg for another day.

I have managed to not become a slave to the television, and am currently enjoying a Red-Bull at a local coffee-shop.

Things are just…not going right lately. Bugger.


See the luck i’ve had can make a good man turn bad

March 16, 2007

We could talk about the following:

1- I think this snow is seriously going to fuck up my travel plans to Florida tomorrow. I’m praying for the storm to be not too much snow, followed by lots of rain and warm temps, but I’m not holding my breath.

2- I almost (seriously) quit my job yesterday.  I can’t handle the hostile work environment with an asshole who thinks it’s ok to yell and speak to people in the manor that he does.  Three + years of this crap is enough. I’ve calmed down now and think I will last till the beginning of July, when I will ask to be laid off so I can enjoy a few weeks of unemployment and time with S who doesn’t work in that month.  This shouldn’t be that hard as EVERYONE else who works here knows how volatile this guy is, and will stand up for me should they not lay me off, and I have to fight for unemployment.


3- I forgot my lunch today. This really is a tragedy.

I’m actually going to bypass all of these things for a bright shining spot of the morning.  It appears that Morrissey will be doing a show in the Bay Area smack dab in the middle of our May vacation to that area.  My Moz loving friend K will likely attend with me, as I’ve already forced exposed S to the experience that is a Morrissey concert. Now THAT is exciting news. I’m also secretly hoping that he’ll do a Boston date later in the summer and that I’ll maybe convince my wife to let me go to that, too. 

I may not have mentioned it before but for me, Morrissey is….the guy. You know, THAT guy. Well, him and Henry Rollins and David Bowie, etc, but really, it’s Moz. My iPod, with it’s zillion songs, is probably 20% full of Morrissey, or The Smiths.  A lot of him.  I’ve managed to see him…Oh, lets see…maybe 8 or so times since I was 16 years old and introduced to him by my “cousin” M, from Toronto. She pretty much changed the course of my musical loves forever by giving me a mix tape with Morrissey/Smiths music, The Cure, The Clash, PIL, Love and Rockets, The Cult, and The Specials.  At this point in time, very very few people were really into this kind of music – it was the mid-90’s at this point, way past the late 80’s heyday of this genre. But I was smitten. And over the course of the past decade or so, the people I’ve met who are my age and LOVE this kind of music have always always been the most wonderful folks.

The first time I ever ditched school was to go into NYC and wait for 8 hours in the rain outside of Tower Records to meet him for like, 2 seconds. But don’t worry. I’m not one of those crazy stalkers fans. I’ve mostly gotten over my dream of stalking his house (used to be London, then L.A., I suppose, now, it’s Rome or somwhere else) or meeting him randomly in a pub somewhere. Mostly.

Who are you THAT into?



well, they can’t all be great

March 15, 2007

Turns out that the bigot of the week is a Teaneck High Graduate.  Damn.